Nevada’s Clean Water Renaissance: 15 Startups Reshaping Purification

Unveiling the Pioneers of Sustainable Water Solutions in the Silver State.

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Nevada, known for its arid climate and water scarcity challenges, has become a hotbed of innovation in the water purification industry. A multitude of startups in the state are tackling the critical issue of clean and accessible water, employing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable approaches. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of water purification startups in Nevada and explore 15 remarkable companies that are making waves in the industry.

Vidler Water Resources

Vidler Water Resources stands at the forefront of private-sector water resource companies, devoted to developing reliable water supplies. With a focus on energy, service industry, water, water purification, and water transportation, Vidler is actively involved in securing sustainable water sources for various sectors.

Carson Water Subconservancy District

Specializing in floodplain management, recreation, river projects, water quality, and water supply, the Carson Water Subconservancy District plays a pivotal role in conserving and managing water resources. Their efforts contribute significantly to safeguarding communities and ensuring a reliable water supply.

Linkan Engineering

Linkan Engineering is a versatile company that offers civil engineering, controls engineering, construction, mining water management, and treatment services. Their expertise enables them to address water purification challenges across various sectors, facilitating sustainable water management practices.

Silver Springs Water

As a leading supplier of purified bottled water, cooler machines, and other equipment, Silver Springs Water plays a crucial role in providing safe drinking water solutions. With a focus on the food and beverage manufacturing industry, their products are essential for maintaining the highest standards of water purity.

Home Water

Home Water specializes in providing water filtration solutions for households. By offering reliable and efficient water purification systems, Home Water ensures that families have access to clean and healthy drinking water.


MultiPure takes pride in manufacturing high-quality drinking water systems. Their commitment to producing innovative water purification solutions serves as a testament to their dedication to improving water quality across the food and beverage industry.

King Water Filtration

Distributing filtration, softening, and custom water treatment systems, King Water Filtration is an essential player in the manufacturing and wholesale sectors. Their comprehensive range of products ensures that businesses and consumers can access purified water for various applications.

Clark County Water Reclamation District

The Clark County Water Reclamation District plays a vital role in wastewater management. Responsible for the collection, treatment, and reclamation of wastewater, they contribute to preserving water resources and maintaining environmental sustainability.


Akeso is a company that focuses on distributing pH-balanced packing water. By offering water purification solutions with a focus on wellness, Akeso aims to enhance the overall health and vitality of its consumers.

CB Tech

CB Tech manufactures and sells filters and drinking water systems for residential and commercial use. Their high-performance products cater to the needs of both households and businesses, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

The Berkey Guy

As an e-commerce company specializing in water filtration systems, The Berkey Guy empowers consumers to take control of their water quality. By providing a wide range of water purification products, they enable individuals to make informed decisions about their drinking water.

Ameritek Water

Ameritek Water offers alkaline water, purification systems, softeners, and conditioner services. Their comprehensive approach to water purification ensures that residential customers have access to the best quality water for their daily needs.

WaterULove – Alkaline Water Store Las Vegas

WaterULove has made significant strides in promoting health and wellness through its alkaline water store. With a focus on healthcare and water purification, they advocate for the importance of clean water for overall well-being.

Nevada Crystal Premium

Nevada Crystal Premium provides water purification and delivery services, catering to the needs of businesses across various industries. By ensuring access to purified water, they contribute to maintaining high standards in B2B environments, such as coffee shops and consulting firms.

The Sunny Plumber

The Sunny Plumber is a sanitation firm that offers a wide range of services, including drain cleaning, leak detection, garbage disposal, and tankless water heaters. Their expertise in water purification and waste management showcases their commitment to maintaining a sustainable and clean environment.


Nevada’s water purification startups are leading the way in addressing the pressing issue of water scarcity and contamination. Through their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, these companies are revolutionizing water purification practices. From developing reliable water supplies to manufacturing cutting-edge filtration systems, these startups are vital in securing clean and accessible water for communities, industries, and the environment. With their ongoing efforts, Nevada is on the path to a future where clean water is accessible to all.

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