Dive into Innovation: Explore Mexico’s 15 Most Exciting Water Purification Startups

Unveiling 15 Groundbreaking Companies Revolutionizing Water Treatment in Mexico.

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In the face of increasing water scarcity and pollution, Mexico is home to a vibrant ecosystem of water purification startups. These companies are at the forefront of developing innovative technologies and sustainable solutions to address the pressing challenges of water treatment. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable water purification startups in Mexico, each contributing unique expertise and approaches to ensure access to clean and safe water for communities across the country.

Aqua Research

Aqua Research leads the way in providing sustainable and imaginable water technologies, particularly focused on developing nations and disaster relief efforts. With a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness, Aqua Research is dedicated to making a lasting impact where water-related challenges are most acute.

Big Mesa MDWCA

Big Mesa MDWCA is a key player in the water utility sector, providing potable water to various communities in Mexico. With a commitment to quality and public health, they play an instrumental role in ensuring clean drinking water reaches those who need it most.


Carbotecnia specializes in manufacturing water filters and distributing water treatment systems for treatment plants. Their expertise in chemical and machinery manufacturing allows them to deliver efficient and reliable solutions for diverse water purification needs.


CAVOXD is a Mexican company that combines innovation and cleantech to achieve sustainable water cleaning. Through their environmental consulting services, CAVOXD tackles water purification challenges while promoting environmental stewardship.


Cuprosa provides chemicals for agricultural, mining, and water treatment purposes. With a focus on agriculture, chemical manufacturing, and mining, Cuprosa ensures effective water treatment across multiple industries, contributing to sustainable development.

Culligan Water

Culligan Water is a renowned provider of water softeners and water filtration services. With a strong presence in the smart home industry, Culligan Water aims to deliver clean and pure water to households, enhancing overall quality of life.


D’AQUA specializes in water purification systems and processes for industrial and residential use. Their range of purifiers and kiosks addresses diverse water treatment needs, ensuring access to safe drinking water for industries and households alike.

Hydratech of NM

Hydratech of NM is a technology firm dedicated to filtering water from various contaminants, including corrosion, manganese, copper, arsenic, radon, and radiological impurities. Their expertise in consulting and environmental engineering enables tailored solutions for specific water purification challenges.

Lobo Trucking

Lobo Trucking, primarily focused on the oil and gas industry, plays a crucial role in water purification efforts. Through their fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment, they provide essential services for managing water resources in the oil and gas sector, ensuring responsible and sustainable practices.


MIOX develops on-site chemical generators and sustainable treatment technologies for water disinfection. Their cutting-edge technology and commitment to environmental sustainability make MIOX a leader in water treatment across various industries.

RODI Systems

RODI Systems is a trusted provider of water treatment equipment and services. With expertise in manufacturing and technical support, RODI Systems offers comprehensive solutions for water purification, enabling industries to meet stringent quality standards.

Universal Water Systems

Universal Water Systems specializes in residential and commercial water treatment solutions. Through innovative approaches and state-of-the-art technologies, they ensure access to clean and safe water for a wide range of applications, contributing to improved health and well-being.


VesiBox offers ozonated water that disinfects and destroys bacteria without altering its taste. Leveraging advanced email and water purification technologies, VesiBox provides a unique solution to ensure safe and refreshing water for various industries and consumers.

Water Tec De Mexico

Water Tec De Mexico is a leading manufacturer of water purification equipment, including sediment filters, UV systems, taps, brackets, diffusers, cartridges, and carbon block filters. With their commitment to manufacturing excellence, they contribute to the accessibility of clean water throughout the country.


Aquacorp specializes in providing hydraulic solutions, including pumping systems, deepening, and well drilling, along with maintenance services. Through their expertise in product design, Aquacorp contributes to the efficient management and utilization of water resources.


These 15 remarkable water purification startups in Mexico are leading the way in innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. By addressing the challenges of water scarcity and pollution, they contribute to a cleaner and healthier future for communities across the country. Through their expertise in various industries, including chemical, manufacturing, smart home solutions, and environmental consulting, these startups are transforming the landscape of water treatment in Mexico. With their commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancements, they inspire others to prioritize the importance of clean and safe water resources for a more sustainable world.

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