15 Water Purification Startups in Kentucky You Should Know About

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Kentucky, known for its bluegrass and bourbon, is also home to innovative startups in the water purification industry. With increasing concerns about water quality and scarcity, these companies are developing solutions to provide clean, safe, and sustainable water for communities, industries, and the environment.

Here are 15 water purification startups in Kentucky that are worth keeping an eye on:

  1. Northwestern Water & Sewer District – This provider of water services and waste water treatment services serves communities in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.
  2. Warren County Water District – This water district provides water and sewer rates, regulation and management services for industrial and commercial customers.
  3. Aqua-Serv Engineers – This chemical manufacturing firm offers water treatment services to the healthcare and government sectors.
  4. Northern Kentucky Water District – This district provides sufficient water supply to the community, with a focus on recycling and sustainability.
  5. Viking Supply – This company specializes in water and sewer pipe products for municipalities and all types of contractors.
  6. PowerTech Water – This wastewater solution company offers a chemical-free water treatment platform.
  7. Electramet – This company offers a chemical-free water treatment platform that is engineered specifically to remove heavy metals from wastewater.
  8. Third Rock Consultants – This company offers ecological surveys, restoration designs, watershed planning, erosion control, and aquatic taxonomy services.
  9. MSD – This company operates and maintains sewer systems, flood pumping stations, and water treatment centers, and invests in infrastructure improvement projects.
  10. PHOENIX – This company engages in the design and manufacturing of process technologies for industrial, mining, and water recycling markets.
  11. Isopure – This manufacturer offers water treatment systems for various industries.
  12. Pleatco – This company supplies and manufactures pleated filter cartridges and OEM filtration products for commercial and industrial use.
  13. Bluegrass Kesco – This water treatment company provides water purification products along with technical services to commercial and industrial clients.
  14. Rivergreen Water Recycling – This company provides wastewater treatment services for non-hazardous oily water.
  15. Aulick Chemical Solutions – This chemical manufacturing company produces hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion control for water treatment.

These companies are making a significant impact in the water purification industry by developing innovative solutions to address the growing concerns of water quality and scarcity. With their cutting-edge technologies and expertise, they are helping to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for all.


In a world where access to clean water is becoming increasingly scarce, startups in the water purification industry are playing a crucial role in providing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for clean water. These 15 water purification startups in Kentucky are just a few examples of the many companies that are making a difference in this vital industry. Whether it’s through chemical-free treatment platforms, pleated filter cartridges, or wastewater recycling, these companies are helping to ensure that clean water is accessible to everyone.

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