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Wind energy is rapidly growing to become a significant contributor to sustainable energy production worldwide. The Netherlands is no exception, with its flat landscape and abundant wind resources, making it a perfect location for wind energy startups. In this article, we will highlight 15 of the most interesting wind energy startups in The Netherlands, showcasing their innovative and sustainable solutions.

PonEnergie: A Sustainable Energy Firm with a Wide Range of Services

PonEnergie is a green energy firm offering a wide range of services such as solar panels, postal code flow, insulation, green electricity, and gas energy. With a mission to provide clean and sustainable energy to its customers, PonEnergie is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.

Greener Power Solutions: Mobile Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Greener Power Solutions is a mobile battery energy storage solutions provider, offering sustainable solutions for power supply. They offer a range of products and services, from battery storage systems to energy management software. With their innovative and sustainable solutions, they are a leading company in the renewable energy industry.

Windcentrale: Accelerating the Switch to Sustainable Energy

Windcentrale aims to accelerate the switch to sustainable energy in the Netherlands by setting up cooperatives that own wind turbines. Their unique approach allows individuals to own a piece of a wind turbine, which provides them with clean energy and financial benefits.

Capte: Smart IOT Solutions for Transportation, Construction, Marine, and More

Capte is a startup that develops, produces, and integrates smart IoT solutions for various industries, including transportation, construction, marine, factories, and wind energy. Their solutions help companies optimize their operations and reduce their carbon footprint.

MPC Energy Solutions: Developing, Constructing, Owning, and Operating Renewable Energy Assets

MPC Energy Solutions is a company that focuses on developing, constructing, owning, and operating renewable energy assets worldwide. With their expertise in clean energy, they provide sustainable energy solutions that benefit the environment and the economy.

Energie in Huis: Solar Power for Houses and Establishments

Energie in Huis specializes in the installation and development of solar power for houses and establishments. They provide customized solutions that cater to their clients’ energy needs, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

NigeQ Vortex Solutions: Wind Turbine Blade and Scalable Wing Products

NigeQ Vortex Solutions offers wind turbine blade, scalable wing, and products that cater to the aerospace and wind turbine industries. Their products and services help companies optimize their wind energy production, making it more efficient and sustainable.

OutSmart: Energy Asset Expert in the Renewable Energy Sector

OutSmart is an energy asset expert in the renewable energy sector, offering consulting services, data analytics, and energy management solutions. Their expertise in renewable energy makes them a valuable partner for companies looking to optimize their sustainable energy production.

Kitepower: Airborne Wind Energy

Kitepower is a company that offers airborne wind energy solutions. Their unique approach harnesses wind energy using kites, making it more efficient and sustainable. With their innovative technology, they are a leading company in the clean energy industry.

Whiffle: Weather Forecasting Firm for Wind Energy and Solar Power

Whiffle is a weather forecasting firm that offers services for weather forecasts, wind energy, and solar power. Their technology helps companies optimize their energy production and reduce their carbon footprint.

Ambacht: Webshop for Mill-Grinded Flour

Ambacht is a webshop that provides mill-grinded flour for home and other bakers. They use wind energy to power their mill, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly business.

Aenarete: Products and Services for the Wind Industry

Aenarete provides products and services for the wind industry, with a focus on simulation models and control systems for airborne drones. Their innovative solutions help optimize wind turbine operations, making them more efficient and sustainable.

Engie Fabricom: Energy Services for On and Offshore Oil, Gas, and Wind Industry

Engie Fabricom provides energy services like on and offshore oil, gas, and wind industry. With their expertise in energy, they offer sustainable solutions that benefit the environment and the economy.

Slowmill: Energy Converter for Capturing Energy from Waves

Slowmill is an energy converter that uses the latest technology to detect and capture energy from waves through various devices. Their sustainable solution for capturing wave energy is an innovative way to reduce carbon footprint and optimize renewable energy production.

Hezelaer Energy B.V.: Energy Management and Green Energy Contracts for Businesses

Hezelaer Energy B.V. generates energy that helps with energy management and offers fair contracts for business green energy. Their mission is to provide clean and sustainable energy to businesses while reducing their carbon footprint.


The wind energy startups in The Netherlands are revolutionizing the renewable energy industry with their innovative and sustainable solutions. From mobile battery storage solutions to wind turbine blade products, these startups are leading the way in the clean energy revolution. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of sustainable energy production, these startups will continue to play a significant role in the transition to a greener future.


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