Breaking Barriers: China’s 15 Water Purification Startups Taking the Industry by Storm

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The demand for clean and safe water has never been more critical, and China is at the forefront of addressing this challenge. In recent years, a wave of innovative startups has emerged, revolutionizing water purification technologies and practices. From advanced filtration systems to intelligent equipment, these companies are making significant strides in ensuring access to clean water for communities across China. In this article, we will delve into 15 intriguing water purification startups that are shaping the future of water treatment in China.


Eanno is a scientific and technological enterprise that focuses on independent research and development of intelligent equipment for water purification. With a commitment to innovation, Eanno is pushing the boundaries of water treatment technology.


352 specializes in air and water purification systems. Their expertise lies in providing effective solutions for both consumer electronics and hardware industries, addressing the growing need for clean water.

Bohuite Environmental Protection

Bohuite Environmental Protection is engaged in providing technical services, consultation, and process package services for water treatment and sludge disposal. They also offer equipment sales, contributing to the comprehensive approach of water purification.


Tri-Tech is a company that offers integrated solutions for the protection, control, and enhancement of China’s water resources and environmental protection. Their focus is on providing holistic water purification solutions.

Duoyuan Global Water

Duoyuan Global Water Inc. is a leading water treatment equipment supplier based in China. They specialize in providing water purification solutions to meet the diverse needs of various industries.


Wimem utilizes membrane technology to enable low-cost water recycling. By combining recycling and water purification, Wimem contributes to sustainable water management.

China Water Rights Exchange

China Water Rights Exchange is a national-level organization that promotes the standardized and orderly development of water rights trading. They play a crucial role in managing water resources and ensuring efficient water purification.

CSD Beijing Water Affairs Op

CSD Beijing Water Affairs Op provides professional operational services and total solutions for wastewater treatment facilities. Their expertise lies in optimizing the water purification process for maximum efficiency.


Yadu specializes in indoor air and water purification appliances. Their products focus on clean energy solutions and innovative technologies to ensure safe and pure water for consumers.


GUOTIEKELIN is a manufacturer, seller, and installer of drinking water equipment. They offer comprehensive solutions in manufacturing, sales, and water purification.


Sainz is a comprehensive environmental service provider that specializes in environmental consulting, pollution control, and water purification. They aim to address multiple environmental concerns, including water treatment.

Entai Environmental Protection

Entai Environmental Protection is a research and development manufacturer of water treatment membranes and components. Their focus on innovation and product research drives the advancement of water purification technologies.

Woteer Water Technology

Woteer Water Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing water treatment technology system solutions. With a focus on water purification, Woteer contributes to ensuring clean water access for various sectors.

Cscec Scimee Sci & Tech

Cscec Scimee Sci. & Tech provides water treatment services, specializing in environmental consulting, environmental engineering, and water purification. They offer expertise in managing and maintaining water quality.

Chongqing Water

Chongqing Water Group Co., Ltd. offers water supply services. Their focus on water purification and transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and accessible water for communities.


These 15 innovative water purification startups in China are at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. Their dedication to research, development, and sustainable practices is driving advancements in water treatment technologies. As they continue to push boundaries and overcome challenges, the future of water purification looks promising, ensuring clean and safe water for all.

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