Discover the trailblazing companies transforming the water purification landscape in Germany

Discover the trailblazing companies transforming the water purification landscape in Germany.

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Water is a precious resource, and ensuring its purity and accessibility is crucial for a sustainable future. In Germany, a wave of innovative startups has emerged, revolutionizing the field of water purification. These companies are employing cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and groundbreaking solutions to address water pollution and scarcity challenges. In this article, we will explore 15 remarkable water purification startups that are making a significant impact in Germany.

mageco: Transforming Wastewater Treatment

mageco specializes in providing advanced wastewater treatment solutions. Their innovative technologies aim to purify and recycle wastewater, reducing environmental impact and conserving water resources.

INTEWA: Sustainable Rainwater Management

INTEWA offers a range of products for rainwater infiltration and water treatment. Their solutions include tunnel drains, filters, pumps, shafts, and tanks, promoting sustainable rainwater management practices.

Balearis: Outdoor Whirlpool Solutions

Balearis is a company that specializes in selling outdoor whirlpools. Their products combine relaxation and luxury while incorporating water purification technologies for a pristine bathing experience.

Lubing International: Advanced Drinking Systems

Lubing International is an industrial manufacturing company that develops drinking systems, house equipment, and waste air purification solutions. Their innovative products ensure clean and safe drinking water.

Huber: Sustainable Wastewater Solutions

Huber provides comprehensive wastewater solutions, machinery, plants, and equipment for the treatment of wastewater. They are committed to sustainable practices and the responsible use of resources.

Rehm: Water Management Software Experts

Rehm is a leading provider of software solutions for water management. Their expertise lies in developing innovative software that optimizes water treatment processes and enhances efficiency.

Mitte: Smart Water Purification Systems

Mitte offers smart water systems that combine water purification with enhancement. Their advanced technology aims to provide users with personalized and healthy drinking water.

Boreal Light GmbH: Solar Seawater Desalination

Boreal Light GmbH designs and develops affordable solar seawater desalination and filtration systems. Their solutions are particularly suitable for remote areas and off-grid applications, addressing water scarcity challenges.

akvola Technologies: Ceramic Flotation-Filtration

akvola Technologies markets package plants based on a ceramic flotation-filtration process. Their innovative water purification technology is applicable across various industries.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe: Sustainable Water Management

Berliner Wasserbetriebe plays a crucial role in providing clean water, wastewater disposal, and ensuring the sustainability of the water cycle. They are committed to promoting sustainable water management practices.

p2m berlin: Expert Water and Wastewater Services

p2m berlin is a consulting and engineering company that offers expert services in the water and wastewater sector. They provide valuable insights and solutions to address water purification challenges.

FP InovoLabs: Technological Innovations for Water Purification

FP InovoLabs specializes in developing technical devices, IT solutions, e-commerce applications, and digital payment systems for the water purification industry.

Palmetto Handel und Service GmbH: Water Treatment Solutions

Palmetto Handel und Service GmbH operates in the water treatment industry, providing innovative solutions for water purification and quality improvement.

BRAWAG: Leading Water Supplier

BRAWAG is a prominent water supplier in Brandenburg, Germany. They ensure the provision of clean and purified water to the region, promoting public health and sustainability.

Alfiltra: Comprehensive Water Analysis and Treatment

Alfiltra offers a wide range of water analysis services, including water softening, de-ironing, and mineral water bottling. Their expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions for water purification.


Germany is at the forefront of water purification innovation, with these 15 startups leading the charge. Through their groundbreaking technologies, sustainable practices, and commitment to clean water access, these companies are transforming the water purification landscape. As they continue to develop and implement their solutions, they contribute significantly to a more sustainable and water-secure future for Germany and beyond.

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