Drink Pure, Think Future: 15 Massachusetts Water Purification Startups to Watch

Exploring Innovative Water Purification Companies in Massachusetts' Thriving Industrial Landscape.

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Massachusetts, known for its prowess in technology and innovation, is home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups revolutionizing the water purification industry. These visionary companies are addressing the pressing global challenge of clean water scarcity through groundbreaking technologies and sustainable solutions. In this article, we will delve into the world of water purification and showcase 15 remarkable startups based in Massachusetts that are leading the way in this vital sector.

Acton Water District

Acton Water District is a community-driven public water supply that ensures the delivery of high-quality drinking water. Founded by Charles H. Fairbanks, Edgar H. Hall, and Waldo E. Whitcomb, this company has been instrumental in providing safe and clean drinking water to the Acton community.


Elateq offers an all-in-one water treatment system that effectively removes a wide range of water contaminants. With a mission to provide clean water solutions, Elateq’s technology is transforming water purification processes. Ljiljana Rajić and Roderick Anderson are the driving forces behind Elateq’s success.

KLa Systems

KLa Systems specializes in supplying slot injectors, aeration systems, jet aeration, and jet mixing systems for wastewater treatment processes. Their cutting-edge technologies have revolutionized the field of environmental engineering and water purification.


CrossTek is at the forefront of providing advanced water filtration technology for commercial water reuse and reclamation purposes. With their innovative solutions, CrossTek is making significant strides in waste management and water purification sectors.

Oasys Water

Oasys Water is committed to addressing the global water crisis by developing energy and resource recovery products. Founded by Aaron Mandell and Rob McGinnis, Oasys Water’s groundbreaking solutions are revolutionizing the clean tech, energy, and industrial sectors.


OffGridBox is a modular and compact unit that supplies renewable energy and clean water in remote areas. Their innovative approach to tackling energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water purification challenges has earned them recognition in the industry. Davide Bonsignore, Emiliano Cecchini, and Roberto Scaccia are the masterminds behind this groundbreaking startup.


Drinkwell aims to transform the global water crisis into an economic opportunity. With a focus on water purification, founders Arup SenGupta, Mike German, and Minhaj Chowdhury have developed sustainable solutions that provide safe drinking water to communities in need.


Osmopure recognizes the challenge of accessing clean water and seeks to utilize plastic soda bottles to address this issue. Founder Dave Perry envisions a future where these bottles are repurposed to provide invaluable life-saving water solutions.

Ecological Engineering Group

Ecological Engineering Group specializes in water reuse and wastewater systems. Their expertise in environmental engineering and solar technologies has positioned them as a leading player in the water purification industry.

Robelle Industries

Robelle Industries offers a range of products essential for pool maintenance, including sanitizers and winterizing chemicals. With a focus on chemical manufacturing and retail, Robelle Industries has established itself as a key player in the swimming and water purification sectors. Founder Jay Hanflig has been instrumental in the company’s success.

Corona Environmental Consulting

Corona Environmental Consulting provides integrated information systems to clients in the water community. Their expertise in consulting and environmental services has helped clients navigate complex water purification challenges.

Atlas High Purity Solutions

Atlas High Purity Solutions designs, services, and installs water systems. With their focus on industrial water purification, Atlas High Purity Solutions has become a trusted partner for businesses in need of reliable water treatment solutions.

Applied Water Solutions

Applied Water Solutions is a consultancy firm that offers training, project management, electropurification, and water recycling services. Their comprehensive approach to water purification has made them a go-to resource for businesses looking to adopt sustainable practices.

Kontek Ecology Systems

Kontek Ecology Systems is an environmental service company that specializes in plating rinse optimization and zero liquid discharge services. Their innovative waste management solutions contribute to efficient and effective water purification.


Anfiro is dedicated to providing clean and affordable water solutions through nanotechnology. Jaime Mateus, one of the founders, spearheads Anfiro’s mission of creating a better tomorrow through cutting-edge water purification technologies.


Massachusetts is a hotbed for water purification startups that are transforming the way we address clean water scarcity. The 15 companies showcased in this article represent a diverse range of technologies and solutions aimed at providing safe and sustainable drinking water. With their relentless pursuit of innovation, these startups are at the forefront of revolutionizing the water purification industry, not just in Massachusetts but also on a global scale. By leveraging their expertise and passion, these companies are playing a crucial role in ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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