From Dirty to Pristine: 15 Water Purification Startups Transforming Pennsylvania’s Future

Exploring Pioneering Companies Driving Sustainable Solutions and Ensuring Access to Clean Water in Pennsylvania.

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Water purification is a critical aspect of sustainable development and public health, and Pennsylvania is home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups dedicated to this cause. These innovative companies are at the forefront of revolutionizing the water purification industry, ensuring access to clean and safe water for communities across the state. In this article, we will explore 15 fascinating water purification startups that are making a significant impact in Pennsylvania.

Lehigh County Authority

Lehigh County Authority is a government organization that offers water supply, wastewater utilities, hauler, sewer, and customer services. With a focus on sustainability and waste management, they actively contribute to water purification efforts in Pennsylvania.

Culligan Reynolds H2O Plus

Culligan Reynolds H2O Plus is a local water specialist, family-owned and proudly providing Culligan’s high-quality products and services. They are dedicated to water purification and ensuring clean water for households and businesses.

Long’s EcoWater Systems

Long’s EcoWater Systems is a water treatment company that provides water testing and drinking water purification services. Their expertise in test and measurement ensures the highest quality water purification solutions.

Fairway Laboratories Inc

Fairway Laboratories is a full-service, NELAP certified environmental laboratory offering environmental sources testing services. With a focus on environmental consulting and waste management, they play a crucial role in water purification efforts.

Creekside Springs

Creekside Springs is a vertically integrated manufacturer of private label purified, distilled, spring, and enhanced waters. Their expertise in manufacturing ensures the production of high-quality water purification products.

Sperry Drilling

Sperry Drilling provides water treatment and engineered drilling solutions for residential and commercial needs. They specialize in delivering customized water purification solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Michael F. Ronca and Sons

Michael F. Ronca and Sons provide water and sewer treatment facilities, landfill construction, earthwork, piping, and equipment services. Their expertise in construction and waste management contributes to water purification efforts.

Colymer Industries

Colymer Industries offers the Tarzanite 100-Year Roof, a proprietary bitumen that can protect for up to 100 years as it is not water-soluble. Their focus on service industry and water solutions ensures long-term water purification benefits.


ProChemTech is a water management company specializing in chemical and environmental engineering. They provide comprehensive water purification solutions across various industries, including manufacturing and service.

Essential Utilities

Essential Utilities is a publicly traded company that provides water, wastewater, and natural gas services. They play a significant role in water purification efforts, ensuring access to clean water for communities.


QUA is a developer and manufacturer of membrane products. Their expertise in industrial manufacturing and waste management contributes to efficient and sustainable water purification solutions.

Rice Energy – Water Services

Rice Energy – Water Services provides fresh water for well completion operations and collects water resources. Their focus on water purification ensures sustainable water management in the energy sector.


Micromanagement offers microbial control solutions for potable water systems. With their expertise in chemical engineering and water purification, they ensure the safety and quality of drinking water.

Aquatic Environment Consultants

Aquatic Environment Consultants provides pond and lake management solutions. Their expertise in environmental consulting contributes to maintaining the purity of water bodies through effective purification techniques.

Chester Metropolitan District

Chester Metropolitan District serves as the public water supply authority, providing safe, reliable, and sustainable water to customers. They play a vital role in water purification efforts for commercial and residential sectors.


Pennsylvania’s water purification startups are driving innovation and sustainability in the clean water industry. These 15 companies showcased in this article are actively contributing to ensuring access to clean and safe water for communities in Pennsylvania. Their diverse expertise, ranging from government organizations to manufacturers and environmental consultants, highlights the collaborative efforts required to address the challenges of water purification and secure a healthier future for all.

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