From Wastewater Treatment to Cruises: Meet the 15 Water Transportation Startups in Texas

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Texas is home to a vibrant and growing water transportation industry, with a range of startups and established companies offering innovative solutions to meet the needs of the state’s growing population and expanding economy. From wastewater treatment plants to water well drilling and transportation services, these companies are driving innovation and growth in the water transportation sector.

Almeda Travel: Setting Sail for Adventure

Almeda Travel offers leisure and business travel services through cruise ships, providing an exciting and unique way to explore the world’s waterways. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious getaway or a unique business opportunity, Almeda Travel has you covered.

Associated Construction Partners: Providing Essential Infrastructure

Associated Construction Partners provides wastewater treatment plants and distribution systems to municipalities and private industry. By ensuring that essential infrastructure is in place, they help to support the growth and development of communities across Texas.

TR Drilling: Tapping into Water Resources

TR Drilling specializes in water well drilling, well plugging, well inspection, water testing, equipment service, and water storage tank systems. With a focus on sustainability and conservation, they help communities and businesses tap into local water resources in an environmentally responsible way.

Bethesda Water Supply Corporation: Delivering Safe and Reliable Water

Bethesda Water Supply Corporation supplies drinking water for residents and commercial customers. Their focus on customer service and quality ensures that communities across Texas have access to safe and reliable drinking water.

Greenscape Pump Service: Engineering for Water Management

Greenscape Pump Service is an engineering company that offers design and engineering for water recirculation and irrigation pump stations. Their expertise in industrial engineering and manufacturing helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water management systems.

Bigfoot Energy Services: Managing Oilfield Wastewater

Bigfoot Energy Services is a disposal, oilfield wastewater management, and transportation company. They help to manage the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry, ensuring that wastewater is safely and responsibly disposed of.

Bulldog Steel Products: Building for Water Storage

Bulldog Steel Products is a manufacturing company engaged in the production of hydro-pneumatic pressure vessels and surge tanks. Their products are essential components of water storage and distribution systems, helping to ensure that water is available when and where it’s needed.

Willoughby Trucking: Delivering Essential Resources

Willoughby Trucking is a transportation service for milk and water. Their delivery service, freight service, transportation, and warehousing expertise ensures that essential resources are delivered safely and efficiently.

Talty SUD: Providing High-Quality Water Services

Talty SUD is a water services company that provides high-quality water services and irrigation solutions to the community. Their focus on environmental consulting helps to ensure that water resources are used responsibly and sustainably.

Tarrant Regional Water District: Providing Essential Water Services

Tarrant Regional Water District provides water and environmental services, helping to support the needs of communities and businesses across Texas. Their expertise in energy management and water transportation ensures that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Harlingen WaterWorks System: Supporting Local Communities

Harlingen WaterWorks supplies drinking water and wastewater services, supporting the needs of local communities across Texas. Their focus on government and water transportation ensures that essential resources are managed effectively and responsibly.

Environmental Development Partners: Innovating for Efficiency

Environmental Development Partners provides professional, innovative, and efficient operation services. Their focus on customer service and service industry helps to ensure that water purification and transportation services are delivered to the highest standards.

Waste Resource Management: Managing Liquid Waste

Waste Resource Management is a provider of liquid waste transportation services, such as removing grease trap wastewater. Their expertise in facilities support services and waste management helps to manage the environmental impact of liquid waste.

Phoenix Services: Providing Fluid Management Solutions

Phoenix Services is an oilfield service provider that offers trucking, saltwater disposal, surface rental, and fluid management solutions. Their focus on oil and gas, rental, and water transportation ensures that the needs of the energy industry are met in an efficient and sustainable way.

McClain Trailers: Manufacturing for the Water Industry

McClain Trailers is an industrial company that manufactures a spectrum of aluminum or galvanized boats, cargo, and utility trailers. Their expertise in manufacturing and self-storage helps to support the water transportation industry, from small-scale recreational boating to larger commercial applications.


These 15 startups are just a small sample of the innovative and dynamic companies driving growth and innovation in the water transportation sector in Texas. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and customer service, they are helping to ensure that communities and businesses across the state have access to the resources they need to thrive.

As Texas continues to grow and develop, the water transportation industry will play an increasingly important role in ensuring that essential resources are managed effectively and sustainably. With these startups leading the way, the future of water transportation in Texas looks bright.

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