Get Ready to be Blown Away: The Top 15 Wind Energy Startups in Houston, Texas!

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Houston, Texas has long been known as the energy capital of the world, with a focus on oil and gas. However, the city is also becoming a hub for innovative wind energy startups, contributing to the growing movement towards renewable energy. Here are 15 interesting wind energy startups in Houston, Texas that are changing the face of the industry.

Orbital Traction: Revolutionizing Industrial Automation

Orbital Traction is a private company that specializes in the Industrial Automation, Industrial Machinery, and Equipment areas. They are bringing innovation to the clean energy and wind energy sectors through their advanced industrial automation technology.

Entrion Wind: Moving Wind Production to Deeper Waters

Entrion Wind is developing the FRP monopile technology that provides an opportunity to move fixed offshore wind production into deeper waters. Their unique technology is opening up new possibilities for wind energy production in offshore areas.

inerG, Inc.: Making Energy Assets More Efficient

inerG, Inc. is an energy assets economics software company, providing cutting-edge software solutions to make energy assets more efficient. Their software can help to reduce costs and improve performance in the wind energy industry.

Elemental Coatings: Tackling Ice and Scale Buildup

Elemental Coatings was founded with one goal in mind: to make the many problems associated with ice and scale buildup a thing of the past. Their innovative coatings can prevent ice and scale buildup on wind turbines, improving performance and reducing maintenance costs.

Ignite Solar: Developing Utility-Scale Solar Projects

Ignite Solar develops utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, providing sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Their projects are making a significant contribution to the shift towards renewable energy in Texas and beyond.

Horizon Wind Energy: Developing Wind Farms in North America

Horizon Wind Energy develops, constructs, owns, and operates wind farms in North America, with a focus on delivering clean, renewable energy solutions. They are one of the largest developers of wind energy in North America.

Tonian Renewables: Providing Operations and Maintenance Services

Tonian Renewables is a provider of operations and maintenance services in the commercial wind and solar industries. Their services are helping to ensure the efficient and effective operation of wind turbines and solar panels.

equipcast: Plugging the Skills Gap for Energy Production

equipcast is a company that is focused on plugging the skills gap for energy production, providing innovative solutions in the clean energy, industrial automation, internet of things, mining, transportation, and wind energy industries. Their solutions are helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs in these industries.

Cinco Energy Management Group: Providing Comprehensive Title and Land Management Services

Cinco Energy Management Group provides comprehensive title and land management services, including due diligence, leasing, and project management. Their services are helping to facilitate the development of wind energy projects in Texas and beyond.

Dynamax: Providing Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Dynamax is an environmental engineering company that provides water, wind, and solar monitoring solutions. Their innovative solutions are helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of wind energy production.

DKRW Energy Partners: Developing Alternative Energy Technologies

DKRW Energy Partners is developing LNG opportunities, wind power, and fuel conversion technologies. Their innovative technologies are helping to drive the shift towards renewable energy in Texas and beyond.

Clean Energy Services: Providing Quality Operations and Maintenance Services

Clean Energy Services provides quality operations and maintenance services for the renewable energy industry. Their services are helping to ensure the efficient and effective operation of wind turbines and solar panels.

Surface Coating Solutions: Specializing in Specialty Coatings

Surface Coating Solutions is a startup company that specializes in specialty coatings for the aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, and wind energy industries. Their coatings can help to improve the performance and durability of wind turbines, reducing maintenance costs and improving efficiency.

Epplament Energy: Investing in Alternative Power Generation

Epplament Energy is an alternative investment firm and the business vehicle for the development of alternative power generation in Texas. They are focused on driving the shift towards renewable energy through innovative investment strategies.

Impact Wind: Providing Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Services

Impact Wind provides installation, repair, and maintenance services to the wind energy industry, with a focus on providing exceptional customer service. Their services are helping to ensure the efficient and effective operation of wind turbines.


These 15 wind energy startups in Houston, Texas are driving the future of renewable energy, with their innovative technologies, services, and solutions. They are contributing to the growing movement towards renewable energy, and helping to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. As the demand for clean energy continues to increase, these startups will undoubtedly play an important role in meeting this demand and shaping the future of the energy industry.

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