Purifying Potential: 15 Dynamic Water Purification Startups Shaping Japan’s Tomorrow

Pioneering Companies Shaping the Future of Water Purification.

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Water purification is a critical concern for both sustainability and public health. In Japan, a country known for its technological advancements, numerous startups are revolutionizing the water purification industry with innovative solutions. These companies are addressing pressing environmental challenges and paving the way for a cleaner and healthier future. In this article, we will delve into 15 remarkable water purification startups in Japan, highlighting their unique contributions and advancements.

Nomura Micro Science

Nomura Micro Science specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of water treatment plants and equipment used for the filtration and purification of water. With a strong focus on sustainability, Nomura Micro Science plays a vital role in addressing water quality issues in Japan.


Biomic offers environmental business solutions, including a water purification system that utilizes microbial purification techniques. By harnessing the power of microorganisms, biomic ensures effective and eco-friendly water treatment while promoting a sustainable approach to purification.

Forest of People

Forest of People is dedicated to research and development in the field of environmental engineering. They specialize in plant factories and utilize innovative technologies to contribute to sustainable water purification and forestry practices.

Rose Service

Rose Service is an industry leader in CleanTech and environmental engineering. Their expertise lies in dust control cleaning, uniform cleaning, and maintenance of drinking water production servers. With a focus on providing high-quality services, Rose Service plays a significant role in ensuring clean water access.


Takagi is a manufacturing company that offers a wide range of products, including water purifiers, energy-saving solutions, and plastic injection molding processing. Their commitment to water purification and conservation makes them a valuable player in the industry.

Tsukishima Kikai

Tsukishima Kikai is a renowned machinery manufacturing company known for its expertise in various industries. Within the water purification sector, Tsukishima Kikai’s contributions are remarkable, providing advanced machinery and manufacturing solutions.

Toyo Maintenance

Toyo Maintenance is a reputable facility management company that specializes in the maintenance and administration of water supply, road, and sewerage systems. By ensuring the proper functioning of these systems, Toyo Maintenance contributes to effective water purification and distribution.


Aquas is a leading provider of plant engineering services, offering expertise in wastewater treatment, boiler systems, steel manufacturing, paper pulp, and hot and cooling water treatment. With a wide range of services, Aquas addresses multiple aspects of water purification and management.

Aquatech Co

Aquatech Co aims to contribute to society through technological advancements in water purification. Their commitment to utilizing technology for the betterment of society sets them apart in the industry.


TROMSO is a manufacturing firm that supplies equipment for rice husk solid fuel production, grind mills, and water purifiers. Their innovative solutions contribute to sustainable water purification practices while addressing diverse industrial needs.


Aqualine specializes in providing emergency repair services for water supply systems. Their quick response and efficient solutions play a critical role in ensuring uninterrupted access to clean water for households and businesses.

Eiwa Land Environment

Eiwa Land Environment focuses on manufacturing and developing waste purification equipment. Their expertise lies in producing clean and green technologies that contribute to sustainable waste management and water purification.

Vital Resources Applied Laboratory

Vital Resources Applied Laboratory is committed to developing and commercializing high-value materials that are beneficial to society. Through their research and innovations, they contribute to the advancement of biomass energy and water purification technologies.


gate Co., Ltd. specializes in oil treatment and the purification of oil-contaminated soil using domestic microorganisms. Their expertise in CleanTech and environmental consulting enables effective pollution control and sustainable water purification practices.

Maezawa Engineering Service

Maezawa Engineering Service plays a crucial role in water quality management-related services. Their expertise in construction, transportation, and water purification ensures the effective treatment and transportation of water resources.


These 15 water purification startups in Japan are spearheading the charge towards sustainable and efficient water treatment. Through their groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions, they address environmental challenges and contribute to a cleaner and healthier future. As the world faces increasing water scarcity and pollution, the efforts of these companies are invaluable in ensuring access to clean and safe water for all. With ongoing advancements in the field, Japan continues to lead the way in water purification and environmental sustainability.

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