Quenching Innovation: 15 Water Purification Startups in New York You Need to Know

Discover the Cutting-Edge Companies Transforming Water Purification in the Empire State.

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New York, known for its bustling industrial landscape and innovative technology sector, is also a hub for groundbreaking startups focused on water purification. These visionary companies are redefining the way we approach clean water, leveraging advanced technologies and sustainable practices to address the pressing global need for safe and accessible drinking water. In this article, we’ll delve into 15 exciting water purification startups in New York that are revolutionizing the industry.

Jolie: Transforming Water for Better Skin, Hair, and Wellbeing

Jolie is a pioneering manufacturer of water purifying products aimed at improving the quality of water for enhanced skincare, haircare, and overall wellbeing. By developing innovative filtration technologies, Jolie ensures that individuals have access to clean and purified water that nourishes their bodies inside and out.

Filtersource.com: Redefining Filtration for Enhanced Efficiency

Filtersource.com collaborates closely with customers to streamline logistics and optimize filtration processes, resulting in reduced costs and enhanced efficiency. Their expertise in delivery, machinery manufacturing, and water purification enables them to create tailored filtration solutions that meet the unique needs of various industries.

Wisewell: Sustainable Solutions for Accessible Drinking Water

Wisewell is a sustainability-driven clean water technology company dedicated to developing high-quality, easily accessible drinking water solutions. Their innovative approach, combining electronics, manufacturing, and water purification, ensures that communities have reliable access to safe drinking water while minimizing environmental impact.

Ashokan Services: Leading the Way in Water Management and Conservation

Ashokan Services is an environmental service firm that offers comprehensive water management and conservation services. Through their expertise in energy, environmental consulting, and water purification, they provide sustainable solutions to optimize water usage, safeguarding this valuable resource for future generations.

Drinkpod: Innovative Kitchen Appliances and Water Purifiers

Drinkpod is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of kitchen appliances, barware, water coolers, purifiers, filters, and accessories. Their cutting-edge products, encompassing consumer electronics, cooking, manufacturing, sales, and water purification, cater to the evolving needs of households and businesses seeking convenient and clean drinking water solutions.

Erie County Water Authority: Ensuring Bulk Sale of Clean Water

Erie County Water Authority plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of clean water through bulk sale, lease management, and direct service management. Their comprehensive approach, encompassing natural resources, water, and water purification, includes flexible billing and payment options to meet the diverse requirements of their customers.

Westmatic: Advanced Vehicle Wash Systems

Westmatic specializes in manufacturing large vehicle wash systems, utilizing advanced technologies to deliver efficient and eco-friendly solutions. With a focus on machinery manufacturing, transportation, and water purification, Westmatic contributes to maintaining cleanliness and reducing environmental impact in the transportation industry.

Pure Water Technology: Cooling and Purifying Equipment for Drinking Water

Pure Water Technology Company offers a wide range of cooling and purifying equipment designed to provide clean drinking water. Their products, spanning hardware, water purification, and wholesale sectors, ensure that individuals and organizations have access to refreshing and safe water for various applications.

Stonybrook Purification: Advancing Water Purification Technologies

Stonybrook Purification stands at the forefront of developing innovative water purification technologies utilizing a new membrane platform. Their expertise in the water purification industry enables them to create advanced solutions that address the challenges associated with ensuring clean and safe water for communities.

ESD Waste 2 Water: Environmental Remediation and Wastewater Treatment

ESD Waste 2 Water offers industrial wastewater treatment solutions and manufactures cutting-edge environmental remediation equipment. By combining their expertise in industrial manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and water purification, they contribute to sustainable water management practices across various industries.

Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute: Advancing Water Science and Education

Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute serves as a leading science and education center focused on water-related issues. Through their initiatives in e-learning, education, and nonprofit sectors, they promote awareness and understanding of water purification while advocating for sustainable practices to preserve this precious resource.

Save the Water: Pioneering Research and Contaminant Removal

Save the Water is a dedicated water research organization focused on identifying and removing harmful contaminants from water sources. Through their efforts in education, nonprofit work, and water purification, they strive to safeguard water quality and promote healthy ecosystems.

Ave Maria Utility Company: Engineers and Contractors Committed to Water Conservation

Ave Maria Utility Company comprises a team of engineers and contractors who provide services and online resources for water conservation practices. Their expertise in sustainability, water, and water purification enables them to assist communities in adopting responsible water usage practices for a greener and more sustainable future.

Nirvana Water Sciences: Combining Science and Environmental Care

Nirvana Water Sciences develops life-enhancing beverages by blending pure water, scientific innovation, and environmental stewardship. Their focus on biotechnology, water purification, and sustainability allows them to create transformative products that nourish both individuals and the planet.

Quality Filtration: Tailored Solutions for Clean Water

Quality Filtration specializes in whole-house water filters and commercial water filtration systems, delivering customized solutions to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial clients. Their commitment to the commercial, customer service, and water purification sectors ensures that high-quality, purified water is accessible across a wide range of settings.


New York’s water purification startup ecosystem is brimming with innovation and ingenuity. These 15 companies represent the forefront of the industry, harnessing advanced technologies, sustainable practices, and a deep commitment to ensuring safe and accessible drinking water for all. As they continue to push the boundaries of water purification, these startups are playing a vital role in shaping a more sustainable future and transforming the way we interact with this essential resource.

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