Revolutionizing Water Purification: Meet 15 Dutch Startups That Are Changing the Game!

Exploring the Frontiers of Water Purification and Sustainability.

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Water purification is an essential aspect of modern society, ensuring clean and safe water for various purposes, from drinking and bathing to industrial processes. The Netherlands, renowned for its water management expertise, is home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups that are pushing the boundaries of water purification technologies. In this article, we will showcase 15 exciting Dutch startups that are making significant strides in the field of water purification, addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainability.

O-Care: Eco-friendly Solutions for Hot Tubs and Spas

O-Care, a manufacturer of ecological water maintenance products, specializes in providing sustainable solutions for hot tubs and spas. Their innovative products not only ensure crystal clear water but also minimize the use of harmful chemicals, reducing the environmental impact associated with water treatment.

Waternet: Comprehensive Water Cycle Services

Waternet focuses on the complete water cycle, providing services ranging from flood protection and drinking water supply to rainwater harvesting and sewage management. This government-backed organization plays a vital role in safeguarding the Netherlands’ water resources and ensuring the availability of clean water for all.

24Man: Simplifying Water Softening Solutions

Located in Amsterdam, 24Man is a key player in the non-store retail industry, specializing in water purification and, in particular, water softening systems. Their expertise lies in delivering effective solutions that improve water quality and reduce the negative effects of hard water.

Aquaflow: Purification Systems for Residential Sectors

Aquaflow is a leading supplier of water purification systems for residential sectors. Their cutting-edge technologies ensure the removal of contaminants, making tap water safe and healthy for consumption in households across the Netherlands.

Pharmafilter: Innovative Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Pharmafilter develops onsite wastewater and waste treatment solutions for healthcare facilities. Their unique system combines treatment processes, reducing the environmental impact of medical waste and contributing to sustainable water management.

The Winddrinker: Affordable Drinking Water for All

The Winddrinker aims to make clean drinking water affordable for underserved communities. Their innovative approach leverages wind energy to power water purification systems, providing access to safe drinking water in economically disadvantaged areas.

Basic Water Needs: Making an Impact Worldwide

Basic Water Needs (BWN) is globally recognized for its efforts in developing, producing, and distributing purified water. Their initiatives have a significant impact on communities facing water scarcity and inadequate access to clean water.

PureWaterWell: Advanced Wastewater Treatment Techniques

PureWaterWell offers a range of services specializing in wastewater separation techniques, including filtration and biological treatment. Their expertise enables the efficient management of wastewater while promoting sustainability and protecting water resources.

WMD: Towards Sustainable Drinking Water Supply

WMD is dedicated to establishing a sustainable and efficient drinking water supply. As a multi-faceted organization, they combine delivery services, environmental engineering, and professional expertise to ensure the availability of safe and clean drinking water for all.

Watter: Sustainable Disinfection Solutions

Watter provides sustainable disinfection solutions that prioritize environmental impact. Their cutting-edge technologies enable effective disinfection while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals, contributing to a greener and more sustainable water treatment process.

BiAqua: Addressing Global Water Contamination Issues

BiAqua has developed a bio-based solution to tackle water contamination issues on a global scale. Their highly effective and widely applicable technologies offer a promising approach to resolving water pollution challenges across various industries.

Paques: Driving Sustainable Water and Carbon Footprints

Paques collaborates with companies and municipalities to reduce their water and carbon footprints. By developing innovative water purification solutions, they contribute to the major environmental challenges of our time and promote sustainable practices.

VAM: Water Purification Solutions for Food Processing

VAM specializes in developing and delivering water purification solutions that recycle used water for fresh produce packaging and processing in the food industry. Their innovative approach enhances efficiency while minimizing water consumption and waste.

Berkey Water Filters Europe: Ensuring Purity in Everyday Lives

Berkey Water Filters Europe offers water treatment equipment online, catering to homes and offices, and ensuring purity in everyday lives. Their focus on delivering clean and safe water aligns with the growing demand for reliable water purification solutions.

Lenntech B.V.: Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment Solutions

Lenntech B.V. is a leading company that designs, manufactures, and installs environmentally friendly water treatment solutions for industrial applications. Their commitment to sustainability helps industries meet regulatory requirements while reducing their environmental impact.


The Netherlands’ water purification startup ecosystem is teeming with innovation, as demonstrated by the 15 remarkable companies showcased in this article. From eco-friendly hot tub maintenance to providing affordable drinking water solutions, these startups are driving the transformation of water purification practices. By leveraging advanced technologies, sustainable approaches, and a commitment to environmental stewardship, they are not only improving access to clean water but also paving the way for a more sustainable future. As these startups continue to grow and make a positive impact, the Netherlands solidifies its position as a global leader in water purification and sustainability.

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