Startup Showcase: GmbH – Next Generation Digital Twins for Renewable Energy

Share Story GmbH is a Hamburg-based startup that has developed next-generation digital twins for renewable energy assets. With a mission to accelerate the energy transition, ANNEA helps renewable energy companies reduce OPEX by up to 50% while increasing green energy production by up to 15%. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how ANNEA’s innovative technology is transforming the renewable energy industry.

Next-Generation Digital Twins

ANNEA’s digital twins are not like any other digital twins out there. They combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence, physical modeling, and normal behavior modeling to enable automated drive train vibration analysis. This means that operators can receive notifications about future failures up to 12 months in advance, containing detailed information on which component has a problem, the root cause of the problem, and the best time window for repair. By predicting failures before they happen, ANNEA helps renewable energy companies reduce unplanned downtime significantly, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Underperformance Detection

In addition to predictive maintenance, ANNEA’s technology also detects underperformance of renewable assets, enabling operators to maximize energy production. ANNEA’s algorithms analyze large data sets from various sensors and use machine learning to identify deviations from normal behavior. The system then provides recommendations for corrective action to optimize energy production.

Reducing OPEX and Increasing Profitability

By optimizing operations and maintenance across renewable energy sectors, ANNEA helps to reduce OPEX and lost profit significantly. This makes green energy more affordable and accelerates the transition to a low-carbon future. With ANNEA’s technology, renewable energy companies can achieve more predictable asset performance, increased uptime, and reduced maintenance costs.

Final Thoughts GmbH is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry’s digital transformation, with its innovative next-generation digital twins. By providing condition-based predictive maintenance and underperformance detection, ANNEA is helping renewable energy companies reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize energy production. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, ANNEA is well-positioned to drive the energy transition forward and create a more sustainable future.



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