Startup Showcase: Aradatum – Revolutionizing Telecommunications Infrastructure with Cleantech Solutions

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Aradatum is a cleantech telecommunications infrastructure startup that is on a mission to provide a self-powered, reliable, and sustainable solution for next-generation wireless pioneers to reach their full potential. Their innovative technology and expertise allow them to go places where other technology companies can’t, putting the signal precisely where it’s needed for strong, instantaneous connectivity.

Aradatum’s Three-Phase Power System: Delivering 99.999% Reliability

One of Aradatum’s unique features is their three-phase power system that delivers 99.999% reliability, independent of the grid. This system provides an anchor point for hosting compute, storage, and network resources that’s right at the edge. This means that even in remote areas, where grid power is not available, Aradatum can provide a reliable source of power for their infrastructure.

Aradatum’s Self-Powered Towers: Delivering Connectivity Anywhere

Aradatum’s self-powered towers are another exciting feature of their technology. These towers can go literally anywhere, making them ideal for areas where traditional infrastructure is difficult to implement. The self-powered towers use solar panels and energy storage to power the network equipment, making them a sustainable solution for providing connectivity. Aradatum’s self-powered towers are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a low-profile design that blends in with the surrounding environment.

Aradatum’s Commitment to Sustainability and Strong Customer Relationships

At Aradatum, sustainability is a core value. They believe that technology can and should be used to create a more sustainable future, and their solutions reflect that belief. In addition to their self-powered towers, Aradatum also uses recycled materials in their products and packaging. They also prioritize energy efficiency in all aspects of their operations, from their manufacturing processes to their office spaces.

Aradatum also values strong customer relationships. They work closely with their partners and customers to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions. Aradatum’s Midwestern values and roots inform their approach to business, and they strive to build long-lasting relationships with all of their stakeholders.


Aradatum is a cleantech telecommunications infrastructure startup that is revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions that are sustainable, reliable, and tailored to meet the unique needs of their customers. With their self-powered towers and three-phase power system, Aradatum is able to provide connectivity anywhere, even in remote areas where traditional infrastructure is difficult to implement. Their commitment to sustainability and strong customer relationships sets them apart in the industry and positions them for continued success.



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