Startup Showcase: Arloid Automation – Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency with AI

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As concerns over climate change and the depletion of natural resources continue to mount, the demand for energy-efficient solutions has never been higher. This is where Arloid Automation, the London-based startup comes in. With their innovative AI-based solutions, they are helping real estate management companies meet their sustainability objectives while saving money on utility bills.

The Ultimate AI Solution for Energy Efficiency

Arloid Automation is a global leader in AI-based solutions designed to simplify MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering) systems management for a broad portfolio of real estate. They are committed to solving the problem of energy inefficiency in real estate by offering cutting-edge technology that adjusts HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems settings intelligently and precisely. The result is a reduction of up to 40% in utility consumption bills and carbon footprint, without the need for additional hardware installation.

Revolutionizing Real Estate Management

Arloid Automation’s solution combines the power of Deep Reinforced Learning and Digital Twin technologies, making it simple to deploy and intuitive to manage. It offers real-time adjustments to HVAC systems, ensuring that the energy consumed is only what is needed, without sacrificing the comfort of the occupants. This ensures that real estate management companies can meet their financial and sustainability objectives with ease.

Proven Technology with Measurable Results

Arloid Automation’s solution is risk-free, with no CAPEX required, and delivers measurable results in under 60 days. This is made possible by the company’s unique algorithm, which is designed to continuously learn and adapt to the unique needs of each building. This means that the solution improves over time, delivering even greater savings and benefits to customers.

Global Reach

Headquartered in London, UK, Arloid Automation has representative offices in Dubai and Singapore, as well as a developed international partner network. Their global reach allows them to offer their solutions to customers around the world, helping to solve the problem of energy inefficiency in real estate on a global scale.


Arloid Automation is revolutionizing the real estate industry by offering cutting-edge AI-based solutions that simplify MEP systems management while improving energy efficiency. Their solution is risk-free, delivers measurable results in under 60 days, and is simple to deploy and manage. With their global reach and commitment to sustainability, they are well-positioned to continue to lead the way in energy-efficient solutions for the real estate industry.





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