Startup Showcase: Armita-X – The Future of Outdoor Heating

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Armita-X is the world’s first intelligent outdoor portable climate controller, a groundbreaking innovation that will revolutionize the way we heat outdoor spaces. This startup, based in Canoga Park, California, is committed to producing environmentally conscious devices that are efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use. Armita-X is disrupting the outdoor heating industry by making use of cutting-edge thermodynamics and modern computing to generate heat more efficiently, saving gas, money, and the environment.

Thermodynamic Efficiency at its Finest

Armita-X is a marvel of thermodynamic efficiency. It captures waste in the form of excess heat and generates its own electricity, saving money on energy costs while being kind to the environment. Equipped with wireless networking, even multiple units are easy to control from the palm of your hand. Both the smartphone application and the touchscreen panel on the device provide information regarding the level of propane gas remaining, the duration until the propane gas cylinders need to be exchanged, battery levels, and temperature control options.

Smart Modular Design for Customization

Armita-X is designed to be a modular platform rather than a simple device, making it customizable to match the particular needs of the end-user. Based on the needs addressed by customer discovery, Armita-X has already added the option to add lights, a touchscreen, and speakers, among others. Each Armita-X can be tailored to match the unique needs of each customer.

Efficient Design for Longer Heating Periods

A sleek aluminum casing encloses heating elements that better utilize propane gas, generating longer heating periods per unit of gas and making use of the entire tank. Efficient design incorporates three different heat sources: while the first element helps generate heat quickly, the third element helps retain heat, striking a balance that allows for fast start-up and longer sustained heating periods. Using proximity sensors, Armita-X knows when to turn on and off, minimizing waste. Pressure sensors remove the guesswork of how much gas is left in the tanks, meaning you’ll no longer effectively throw your money away when disposing of tanks that still have leftover gas.

Target Market

Armita-X is targeting both residential and commercial customers. For residential customers, Armita-X is perfect for backyard use. For commercial customers, Armita-X is ideal for restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, outdoor events, and parties. Armita-X is a versatile solution for any outdoor space heating needs.


Armita-X is a game-changer in the outdoor heating industry. Their technology is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. They have designed their product with customization in mind, allowing customers to tailor their unit to meet their unique needs. Armita-X is poised to be the future of outdoor heating, disrupting the industry with their cutting-edge technology.





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