Startup Showcase: Autoly AutoCare – Revolutionizing Automobile Services in India

Connecting Vehicle Owners and AutoCare Providers for Efficient Automobile Services.

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Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we feature innovative companies that are disrupting industries with their cutting-edge solutions. In this edition, we bring you Autoly AutoCare, a revolutionary B2C aggregator platform for the automobile service industry in India. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and location services (LBS), Autoly AutoCare is transforming the way vehicle owners and AutoCare providers connect, saving time, cutting costs, and improving overall efficiency.

Connecting Vehicle Owners and AutoCare Providers

Autoly AutoCare, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, has emerged as the pioneering platform in India’s automobile service industry. With a user-friendly smartphone application, Autoly bridges the gap between vehicle owners and registered AutoCare providers, enabling them to connect from anywhere and at any time. This revolutionary platform offers on-demand services, ensuring the best experience for both parties involved.

Simplifying Vehicle Management and Maintenance

The Autoly AutoCare app empowers vehicle owners by streamlining their vehicle management and maintenance tasks. From urgent repairs to regular services and preventive maintenance, Autoly provides a comprehensive solution. With the app, users can conveniently send service requests to registered AutoCare providers, ensuring their vehicles receive the attention they need. Additionally, the app assists in managing and monitoring expenses, helping vehicle owners track the condition of their vehicles effectively.

Empowering AutoCare Providers

Autoly AutoCare also caters to AutoCare providers, equipping them with tools to enhance their businesses. Through the Autoly Crew app, providers can easily list their services on the platform and gain operational visibility. The app enables seamless management of service requests and communication with customers. AutoCare providers can also attract potential customers by offering special deals and promotions. The platform’s ratings and reviews system allows providers to build a strong reputation, fostering trust among users. Furthermore, Autoly AutoCare serves as a hub for AutoCare recruitment and knowledge sharing, bringing together industry professionals to further their expertise.


In summary, Autoly AutoCare is transforming India’s automobile service industry by revolutionizing the way vehicle owners and AutoCare providers connect and collaborate. With its user-friendly applications and advanced features, Autoly AutoCare is improving efficiency, reducing costs, and saving time for both parties involved.





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