Startup Showcase: ChargerHelp! – Revolutionizing the EV Charging Industry with On-Demand Maintenance Support

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As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. However, this growth in EV adoption is also creating a demand for charging infrastructure. To meet this demand, ChargerHelp! has developed an innovative dispatch and deployment system that offers on-demand repair and maintenance support for EV charging stations.

Dispatch and Deployment System: A Solution to the Industry-Wide Problem

The EV charging industry is facing a significant challenge in maintaining the uptime and reliability of charging stations. Any downtime of a charging station can result in loss of revenue and frustrated EV drivers. However, the cost of maintaining these stations, especially for smaller and mid-sized networks, can be prohibitively expensive. ChargerHelp! has developed a dispatch and deployment system that provides an affordable solution to this problem.

ChargerHelp!’s app-based system connects trained and supported local workforces to provide on-demand repair and maintenance support for EV charging stations. The company’s dispatch and deployment system is designed to efficiently manage and prioritize service requests, allowing for quick response times and minimized downtime.

The benefits of the system are evident in the market. EV charging network operators can meet new service level requirements and win new EVSE contracts to meet the exponential growth in charging demands. With the ChargerHelp! service offering, partner EV charging network operators can dramatically improve efficiency, turnaround time, and network availability while reducing costs across the networks.

Innovative Solution for the Growing EV Charging Industry

ChargerHelp! operates at the intersection of clean technology and workforce development. Its innovative solution for the EV charging industry is unique in its ability to scale while providing on-demand support for charging infrastructure. ChargerHelp!’s dispatch and deployment system offers a unique combination of affordability, scalability, and reliability, making it a valuable solution for the growing EV charging industry.

The company is currently operating in its first market, Los Angeles, California, and has secured contracts with several large EVSE networks. The ChargerHelp! app has been launched, and technicians are already in the field. With its success in the Los Angeles market, ChargerHelp! is poised to expand its service offering to other markets in the US and globally.


ChargerHelp! offers a game-changing solution to the EV charging industry, with its dispatch and deployment system providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained and supported local workforces. Its unique combination of affordability, scalability, and reliability makes it a valuable solution for the growing EV charging industry. ChargerHelp! is set to revolutionize the EV charging industry and has the potential to transform the way we think about maintenance support for charging infrastructure.





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