Startup Showcase: Dalma Robotics Revolutionizes Business Operations with Autonomous Mobile Robots

Optimizing and eliminating non-value added tasks through collective intelligence.

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In a world where human potential is still untapped, precious brainpower is wasted on mundane and repetitive tasks. That’s where Dalma Robotics comes in. This startup, based in Oporto, Porto, Portugal, is on a mission to optimize and eliminate non-value added tasks through the collective intelligence of Autonomous Mobile Robots. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how Dalma Robotics is revolutionizing business operations and freeing up human creativity for more meaningful endeavors.

Automating Tasks for Added Value

The human brain is a precious jewel, capable of extraordinary feats, yet it often gets occupied with menial jobs that offer little value. Non-value-added tasks, such as pushing carts, checking inventories, cleaning floors, and delivering food without personal interaction, dominate various industries. Dalma Robotics believes that these tasks can be effectively automated while simultaneously adding value to organizations.

Collective Intelligence and Automation Solutions

Dalma Robotics leverages the power of collective intelligence by deploying autonomous mobile robots that work collaboratively to streamline operations. These robots are not just mindless machines; they are equipped with advanced AI algorithms that enable them to make intelligent decisions, adapt to changing environments, and learn from their experiences.

By integrating these robots into the existing infrastructure, Dalma Robotics creates a seamless system that optimizes core and secondary processes. The robots gather valuable data during their operations, which can be analyzed to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency.

Enhancing Business Performance

Dalma Robotics offers its automation solutions to a wide range of industries, including factories, hospitals, warehouses, and shopping malls. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses can free up human resources to focus on higher-level activities that require creativity, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

With Dalma Robotics’ robots taking care of the mundane tasks, employees can engage in deep conversations, invent new machines, strategize, dream, compose music, or simply enjoy life. This shift in focus not only enhances employee satisfaction and well-being but also drives innovation and improves overall business performance.

The Future of Work

Dalma Robotics envisions a future where human potential is fully harnessed, and every individual can contribute their unique talents and ideas to create a better world. By automating non-value-added tasks, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce and foster a culture of innovation and creativity.


As the demand for automation continues to rise, Dalma Robotics is at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions that transform business operations. Through the integration of autonomous mobile robots and the power of collective intelligence, Dalma Robotics is paving the way for a more efficient, productive, and fulfilling future of work.


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