Startup Showcase: Distributed Energy – Connecting Renewable Projects with Funders

Enabling Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of climate change, the demand for renewable energy projects has grown. However, financing these projects can be a daunting task, particularly in developing countries where lack of infrastructure and support can hinder progress. This is where Distributed Energy comes in.

Aggregating Renewable Projects for Financing

The Distributed Energy platform acts as a hub, bringing together renewable energy projects and potential funders. Through a rigorous screening process, they ensure that only credible projects are listed on their marketplace. By doing so, they are helping to address one of the biggest challenges in renewable energy – the lack of funding.

In addition to facilitating the funding process, Distributed Energy also offers ongoing reporting on the performance of the assets. This allows investors to monitor the progress of their investments and make informed decisions about future funding opportunities.

Automating Payments with Blockchain

One of the key features of Distributed Energy’s platform is the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology. This produces a robust link between parties, automating payments and ensuring that transactions are transparent and secure.

This innovative approach to financing renewable energy projects streamlines the process and makes it more efficient, reducing the risk of errors and fraud. It also creates a more attractive investment opportunity for funders, increasing the likelihood of projects receiving the funding they need.

Supporting the Development of Renewable Energy

Distributed Energy’s focus on renewable energy is driven by a desire to create a more sustainable future. They recognize that the development of renewable energy projects is critical to achieving this goal.

By enabling the funding of renewable energy projects in developing countries, Distributed Energy is not only helping to reduce carbon emissions but also creating opportunities for economic growth and development. This is a win-win situation, where renewable energy projects can thrive, and communities can benefit from sustainable development.


Distributed Energy is an innovative startup that is making a significant impact in the renewable energy industry. Their platform aggregation approach, use of blockchain technology, and focus on sustainable development set them apart from others in the field. By connecting renewable energy projects with funders, they are helping to create a more sustainable future while also generating economic growth and development in the developing world.





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