Startup Showcase: eevie – Accelerating Climate Action

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Climate change is no longer a distant threat, and companies worldwide are feeling the pressure to take urgent action. However, the transformation to a net-zero emissions future requires more than just technological innovations and financial investments. It demands a shift in work culture that prioritizes climate action and empowers employees to make sustainable choices. That’s where eevie comes in – a German startup that aims to accelerate climate action by providing companies with an engagement tool to measure and reward employee climate action and foster a climate-friendly work culture.

Measuring and Rewarding Climate Action

eevie’s platform uses a gamification approach to incentivize employees to take climate-friendly actions, such as using public transport, reducing energy consumption, or opting for plant-based meals. By tracking these actions and rewarding employees for their efforts, eevie empowers individuals to make a tangible impact and become part of the company’s climate action strategy.

Moreover, eevie’s platform provides companies with valuable data on the effectiveness of their sustainability programs and areas that require improvement. This data-driven approach enables companies to tailor their sustainability efforts to meet their specific goals and make informed decisions that benefit both the environment and their business.

Fostering a Climate-Friendly Work Culture

At eevie, the focus is not just on measuring and rewarding climate action but also on creating a culture that prioritizes sustainability. The startup aims to provide companies with a comprehensive toolkit to foster a climate-friendly work culture, including educational resources, communication tools, and team-building activities. Through these initiatives, eevie helps companies build a community of climate-conscious employees who are committed to making a positive impact.

Meeting the Demands of the Modern Business Landscape

As the pressure on companies to take climate action increases, eevie provides a comprehensive solution that meets the demands of the modern business landscape. By creating a climate-friendly work culture, companies can attract the best talent, meet the expectations of shareholders, and ensure financial stability in the long term.

Moreover, eevie’s platform aligns with the global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards and helps companies improve their ratings by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. With carbon pricing becoming increasingly likely, companies that prioritize climate action will be better positioned to adapt to new regulations and mitigate financial risks.


eevie’s mission is not only to accelerate climate action but also to transform work culture for the better. By empowering employees to take climate-friendly actions and creating a community of like-minded individuals, eevie helps companies build a sustainable future. As the urgency of the climate crisis grows, startups like eevie play a crucial role in creating a more resilient and sustainable business landscape.





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