Startup Showcase: Fijo Technologies – Revolutionizing Ridesharing and Local Delivery

Revolutionizing Rideshare and Local Delivery with True Control.

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In the bustling world of transportation and delivery services, Fijo Technologies is a game-changer. Fijo, an emerging technology startup based in San Francisco, California, is disrupting the industry with its innovative True Rideshare and Local Delivery App and Platform. Unlike traditional ride-hailing apps and taxi dispatch services, Fijo empowers both riders and drivers by giving them full control over their choices and ensuring transparency. Let’s dive deeper into the groundbreaking features and benefits offered by Fijo Technologies.

The Evolution of Ridesharing

Fijo Technologies is not just another ride-hailing app; it is Rideshare 2.0. The company aims to address the challenges and unfulfilled needs that have arisen in the last decade of ride-hailing services. With Fijo, consumers and drivers regain control over their ridesharing experiences. By connecting riders and local shippers (consumers) with independent drivers, Fijo facilitates direct interactions and transactions between the two parties. Fijo is all about true ridesharing and local delivery, enabling consumers to choose their preferred drivers and pay them directly in real-time.

How Fijo Works

Fijo Technologies has developed a user-friendly and intuitive app that simplifies the entire ridesharing and local delivery process. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter pickup and drop-off locations: Users simply input their desired locations for pickup and drop-off within the Fijo app.
  • Fare suggestions: Fijo suggests fair fares based on the distance and other relevant factors, providing users with transparent pricing information.
  • Flexible payment: Unlike traditional ridesharing platforms, Fijo allows consumers to decide how much they pay for a ride or local delivery. This flexibility empowers riders and fosters a fair ecosystem.
  • Opt-in for drivers: Multiple drivers can opt-in to fulfill the requested ride or local delivery service, creating a competitive and efficient marketplace.
  • Choose your driver: Consumers have the freedom to select their preferred driver based on various criteria such as ratings, reviews, and driver profiles.
  • Direct payments: Once the ride or delivery is completed, consumers pay drivers directly, ensuring that drivers receive 100% of the payment for their services.

Empowering Drivers and Consumers

Fijo Technologies places equal importance on empowering both drivers and consumers within its platform. By cutting out intermediaries and enabling direct transactions, Fijo ensures that drivers receive fair compensation for their efforts. Drivers can build their reputation, establish loyal customer bases, and retain control over their income. On the other hand, consumers benefit from greater choice, transparency, and the ability to support independent drivers directly.


Fijo Technologies is revolutionizing the rideshare and local delivery industry with its True Rideshare and Local Delivery App and Platform. By connecting riders and local shippers with independent drivers, Fijo empowers both parties and offers a transparent and fair marketplace. With its user-friendly app and next-generation cloud SaaS technology platform, Fijo is leading the way towards a new era of ridesharing. Experience the true power of control with Fijo Technologies.





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