Startup Showcase: Green2Go – Revolutionizing the Incense Stick Industry

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When it comes to the fragrance industry, incense sticks are a popular choice for many people. However, the charcoal incense sticks that are commonly used can be harmful to both human health and the environment. This is where Green2Go, a green consumer maker from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, comes in. Green2Go is an organization dedicated to recycling flowers collected from temples, mosques, and lakes to make various herbal and pure products, including incense sticks, dhoop sticks, vermicompost, soaps, and more. With a mission to make the world a better place to live, Green2Go aims to replace harmful charcoal incense sticks with eco-friendly alternatives and provide employment to women while recycling thousands of tonnes of flowers.

Revolutionizing the Incense Stick Industry with Flora Incense Sticks

Green2Go’s primary goal is to mainstream flora incense sticks as a replacement for charcoal incense sticks. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), charcoal incense sticks produce harmful smoke that can cause respiratory problems, lung cancer, and other health issues. On the other hand, flora incense sticks are made from natural ingredients like flower waste, essential oils, and herbs, making them a safer and healthier option. Green2Go is not only providing a healthier option but also creating a new market in India for these eco-friendly products.

Employment Opportunities for Women

Green2Go is committed to empowering women by providing them with employment opportunities. With a target of employing 1000 women by 2022, the company is taking steps towards gender equality and social justice. The organization provides women with training and employment in the manufacturing of their eco-friendly products. Green2Go aims to create a sustainable and responsible model of employment that benefits both the women and the environment.

Recycling Thousands of Tonnes of Flower Waste

India is a country of temples, mosques, and other religious institutions where flower offerings are made regularly. However, these flowers are often discarded, leading to pollution and environmental degradation. Green2Go aims to tackle this problem by recycling the flower waste and converting it into useful products. With a target of recycling 20,000 tonnes of flower waste by 2022, the company is on its way to making a significant impact on the environment.

Good.Better.Green – A Better Future with Green2Go

Green2Go’s mission is to make the world a better place to live by providing herbal and pure products all over the world. With their commitment to the environment, the organization is paving the way for a better future. By promoting eco-friendly products, providing employment to women, and recycling flower waste, Green2Go is setting an example for other companies to follow. As the company’s tagline suggests, “Good.Better.Green,” green is the future.


Green2Go is a startup that is making a significant impact on the environment while promoting social justice and gender equality. With their commitment to eco-friendly products, employment opportunities for women, and recycling flower waste, the company is setting an example for other organizations to follow. Green2Go’s mission to make the world a better place to live is a cause that everyone can get behind.





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