Startup Showcase: KineticCore Solutions – Revolutionizing the Energy Storage Industry

Meet the Colorado-based manufacturing company that is disrupting the energy storage industry with its sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

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If you’re looking for an innovative energy storage solution that is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly, look no further than KineticCore Solutions. This Colorado-based technology manufacturing startup is revolutionizing the energy storage industry with its cutting-edge energy storage systems that utilize an all-composite structural design and contain no hazardous materials. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at KineticCore Solutions and see how they’re changing the game for wind and solar farms.

Revolutionizing Energy Storage

KineticCore Solutions was founded in 2019 by a team of energy industry experts who were committed to creating a new kind of energy storage system. James, Jim, and Chuck Clegern, along with Steve Milliren, saw the need for a more efficient and environmentally-friendly solution to the energy storage problem, and set out to create just that.

Their solution is the KineticCore Battery, a groundbreaking energy storage system that is both safe and efficient. Unlike traditional chemical batteries, the KineticCore Battery contains no hazardous materials, making it much safer to handle and transport. It is also designed to be easily recyclable, which reduces waste and helps protect the environment.

Efficient and Versatile

One of the key features of the KineticCore Battery is its efficiency. It is designed to be highly efficient in both charging and discharging, which makes it an ideal energy storage solution for wind and solar farms. The KineticCore Battery is also designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments.

Another important feature of the KineticCore Battery is its versatility. It can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of each customer, and it is designed to be scalable, so it can be used in large or small energy storage systems.

The Future of Energy Storage

With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability, KineticCore Solutions is poised to be a major player in the energy storage industry. The company is already making waves in the industry, and has received significant funding and recognition for its innovative solutions.


As the world continues to shift towards renewable energy sources, the need for efficient and reliable energy storage systems will only continue to grow. KineticCore Solutions is at the forefront of this movement, and is helping to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

If you’re interested in learning more about KineticCore Solutions and their groundbreaking energy storage systems, be sure to check out their website and social media channels. With their innovative technology and commitment to sustainability, this startup is definitely one to watch.





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