Startup Showcase: Linquip – Revolutionizing the Industrial Networking Landscape

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In the fast-paced world of industries, connectivity and collaboration are the keys to success. Linquip, a groundbreaking startup based in Sunnyvale, California, is revolutionizing the industrial networking landscape with its innovative platform. As a professional network catering to equipment manufacturers, industrial customers, service providers, and industry-savvies, Linquip is transforming the way professionals connect, share knowledge, and access technical information.

Empowering Industrial Professionals Worldwide

At the heart of Linquip’s mission is the empowerment of industrial professionals worldwide. Founded in 2019 by technical scientists Dr. Pedram Hanafizadeh and Dr. Syd Hashemi from Berkeley, along with Engineering Manager Hengameh Shams from Stanford, Linquip provides an open-access interactive platform for professionals to actively enrich its technical content. By fostering a community-driven approach, Linquip ensures that audiences have access to empowered data and the latest technical information from equipment manufacturers.

A Global Cloud-Based Network with Intelligent Search Engine

Linquip’s global cloud-based network is designed to help professionals find rated industrial equipment and services effortlessly. Through its intelligent search engine, users can instantly discover, sort, and compare verified suppliers. This innovative approach eliminates the traditional challenges faced by industrial companies, enabling them to streamline their procurement processes and save valuable time and resources.

Unleashing Sales Intelligence for Diverse Industry Sectors

With a diverse range of industry sectors in mind, Linquip offers specialized sales intelligence services. From Oil & Gas to Power & Energy, Construction to Mining, Medical to Agricultural, Linquip caters to the unique needs of various sectors. By leveraging the online industrial platform, companies can enhance their pipelines, expand their customer base, and ultimately drive growth and success.


Linquip’s visionary founders and their dedication to transforming the industrial networking landscape have laid the foundation for a remarkable startup. Through its open-access platform, Linquip connects professionals, empowers industries, and enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences among peers. The startup’s intelligent search engine and sales intelligence services further boost its value proposition, making it an essential tool for businesses in numerous sectors.

As Linquip continues to thrive, its impact on the industry will only grow stronger. By bridging the gap between equipment manufacturers, industrial customers, service providers, and researchers, Linquip is driving innovation and fostering collaboration. Join the Linquip community today to unlock a world of possibilities for your industrial endeavors.





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