Startup Showcase: Nanosci – Revolutionizing Air Purification with Photocatalytic Nanomaterials

Revolutionary photocatalytic nanomaterials for air purification and disease transmission reduction.

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In recent years, air pollution has become a growing concern across the globe. The World Health Organization estimates that air pollution causes around 7 million premature deaths annually, making it the world’s single largest environmental health risk. In response to this challenge, Nanosci, a Polish startup, has developed innovative photocatalytic nanomaterials that can effectively purify the air of pollutants and reduce the transmission of diseases.

Revolutionizing Air Purification with Photocatalytic Nanomaterials

Nanosci has patented photocatalytic nanomaterials to purify the air from smog and reduce disease transmission. The company has developed technologies for the production of porous nano photocatalytic layers and the production of TiO2-coated nanotube material with extremely high photocatalytic efficiency. This innovation has enabled Nanosci to create photocatalytic engines that can remove air pollutants from volatile organic and inorganic compounds.

Photocatalytic Technology for Air Purification

Nanosci’s photocatalytic engine technology has the potential to revolutionize the air purification industry, especially in the automotive and industrial sectors. The company’s innovative technology can help reduce air pollution and mitigate the spread of diseases caused by airborne pathogens. Nanosci offers licenses for its photocatalytic engine technology to companies in the lighting, ventilation, and automotive industries. The company also provides components for the construction of photocatalytic air purifiers and specialized air purifiers according to their designs.

Research and Development

Nanosci is committed to conducting extensive research in the field of developing technologies based on photocatalysis and nanotechnology. The company’s focus is on progressive air pollution, epidemics, and endemic diseases such as influenza. Nanosci believes that photocatalysis has the potential to solve key human problems, such as removing CO2 from the atmosphere, treating water, and producing hydrogen. These are issues that will be the company’s key business in the future.


Nanosci’s patented photocatalytic nanomaterials are a significant breakthrough in air purification technology. The company’s innovative approach to air purification has the potential to revolutionize the industry and make a significant impact on global air quality. Nanosci’s focus on research and development and commitment to solving pressing human problems makes them a standout player in the field of photocatalysis and nanotechnology.





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