Startup Showcase: NatureDots – Revolutionizing Sustainability with Resource-Intelligent Nature-Based Systems

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NatureDots is a New Delhi-based Hard-Tech startup that is on a mission to establish a climate-resilient new nature economy through resource-intelligent nature-based systems and solutions integrated with DeepTech. The company aims to create a sustainable future by leveraging the power of technology to map freshwater ecosystems and de-risking freshwater fisheries for millions of fish farmers in India. In this startup showcase, we explore how NatureDots is revolutionizing sustainability by creating innovative solutions that can change the world.

Mapping Freshwater Ecosystems with DeepTech

NatureDots is using the latest DeepTech tools and techniques to map 2.5 million hectares of freshwater bodies in India, creating a digital twin of freshwater ecosystems. By using drones, remote sensing, and machine learning, NatureDots is creating a detailed database of freshwater ecosystems that can help in the management and conservation of these critical resources. The digital twin will allow policymakers, researchers, and conservationists to study the impact of climate change, pollution, and other factors on freshwater ecosystems and help in developing effective conservation strategies.

Creating Sustainable Fisheries with Resource-Intelligent Nature-Based Systems

NatureDots is also using the power of Nature and technology to establish sustainable fisheries in India. With their novel value-innovation approach, they are de-risking freshwater fisheries for millions of fish farmers in India by creating resource-intelligent nature-based systems. NatureDots has developed a unique solution that uses the power of nature to create a sustainable and resilient aquaculture ecosystem. Their solution combines traditional aquaculture practices with the latest technology, including IoT, AI, and automation, to create a system that is not only sustainable but also profitable for fish farmers.

Tackling Pain-Points of Fish Farmers

NatureDots’ innovative approach is not only helping in creating a sustainable future but also tackling the pain-points of millions of fish farmers in India. By de-risking freshwater fisheries, they are helping fish farmers in reducing their losses due to fish mortality, disease outbreaks, and market volatility. NatureDots is also creating opportunities for fish farmers to increase their income by adopting sustainable practices that are not only profitable but also help in conserving freshwater resources.


NatureDots is a startup that is at the forefront of the sustainability revolution. Their innovative solutions are not only creating a climate-resilient future but also tackling the pain-points of millions of fish farmers in India. By leveraging the power of Nature and DeepTech, NatureDots is creating a sustainable and profitable future that can change the world.





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