Startup Showcase: NOMAD Transportable Power Systems – Revolutionizing Energy Solutions for Every Application

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Welcome to, where we bring you the latest innovations and disruptive technologies that are reshaping industries. In this Startup Showcase, we shine a spotlight on NOMAD Transportable Power Systems, a company based in Waterbury, Vermont, United States, that is revolutionizing the way we think about portable power. Offering patent-pending technologies to fit any project or application need, NOMAD Transportable Power Systems is transforming the landscape of energy solutions. Read on to discover how this innovative startup is driving the mobile revolution.

Powering the Future, Anywhere, Anytime

In a world where mobility is increasingly crucial, NOMAD Transportable Power Systems steps in to provide customizable and reliable power solutions. Their cutting-edge technologies are designed to cater to a wide range of project requirements, offering flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether it’s for disaster relief efforts, outdoor events, remote work sites, or off-grid living, NOMAD’s transportable power systems deliver the energy you need, wherever you need it.

Innovative Origins and Founders

NOMAD Transportable Power Systems emerged from the visionary collaboration of two renowned companies known for their disruptive innovation and dedication to clean energy: Northern Reliability and KORE Power. Recognizing the need to provide energy solutions tailored to customers’ unique requirements while reducing the cost of entry, the founders embarked on a journey to revolutionize the portable power industry.

The partnership between Northern Reliability and KORE Power began in early 2019 with a focus on developing standard Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that are entirely manufactured, designed, and operated in the United States. By combining their expertise and resources, they successfully created a powerful synergy that has propelled the mobile revolution forward.

The Mobile Revolution: Power On-the-Go

With NOMAD Transportable Power Systems, the mobile revolution has arrived. Their patent-pending technologies have empowered individuals and businesses to access reliable power in previously challenging environments. From remote construction sites to emergency response situations, NOMAD’s transportable power solutions are changing the game.

Through their dedication to innovation, NOMAD has created a suite of adaptable, efficient, and eco-friendly power systems. By leveraging advanced engineering and state-of-the-art battery technologies, they have overcome the limitations of traditional power sources. With NOMAD, the freedom to operate in any location is no longer a hindrance but an opportunity.

Empowering Sustainability

One of the key driving forces behind NOMAD Transportable Power Systems is their commitment to sustainability. By offering portable power solutions, NOMAD reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and promotes the adoption of clean energy alternatives. Their technologies enable businesses and individuals to embrace eco-friendly practices without sacrificing functionality or convenience.

Moreover, NOMAD’s power systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind, optimizing power generation and minimizing waste. By reducing energy consumption and embracing renewable sources, NOMAD is contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


NOMAD Transportable Power Systems is redefining the way we think about power solutions. With their patent-pending technologies and unwavering dedication to innovation, they are empowering individuals and businesses to operate anywhere, anytime. By embracing sustainability and providing customizable solutions, NOMAD is leading the mobile revolution, driving us toward a future powered by clean energy.


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