Startup Showcase: Project Cece – A Search Engine for Fair and Sustainable Fashion

Discover the innovative search engine that’s transforming the fashion industry

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment and the exploitation of garment workers, more and more people are turning to sustainable and fair trade fashion. However, it can be a daunting task to find such clothing, especially when shopping online. Project Cece, a Dutch startup, has developed a search engine that aggregates fair and sustainable fashion from over 300 webshops, making it easy for consumers to shop consciously.

Making Ethical Fashion Accessible: How Project Cece Works

Project Cece is a search engine that collects fair and sustainable fashion from hundreds of different online retailers, ranging from small independent brands to larger, more established companies. With a focus on transparency, Project Cece provides information about each brand’s sustainability practices and policies, so consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Users can search for clothing items by type, brand, and sustainability criteria such as vegan, organic, and fair trade. The search engine also allows for filtering by price, color, size, and style, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Once a user selects an item, Project Cece provides a direct link to the webshop where it’s sold, making it seamless to complete the purchase.

Empowering Conscious Consumers: The Impact of Project Cece

Since its launch in 2016, Project Cece has grown rapidly and is now a major player in the fair and sustainable fashion industry. The company has dedicated websites for the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Germany, with an international platform available at

Project Cece is making a significant impact on the fashion industry by creating a more accessible market for sustainable and ethical fashion. By bringing together hundreds of retailers in one place, Project Cece makes it easier for consumers to make responsible fashion choices, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and just industry.


In addition to its search engine, Project Cece also maintains a blog with tips and advice on how to shop sustainably and highlights trends and brands that are making a positive impact on the industry. The company’s social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook, keep users up to date with the latest developments in sustainable fashion.

Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement: Get Involved with Project Cece

Project Cece is revolutionizing the way we think about fashion and is leading the charge towards a more sustainable and fair industry. Whether you’re a conscious consumer or a brand looking to make a difference, Project Cece has something to offer.





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