Startup Showcase: PurityPlus Gases – Revolutionizing Specialty Gas Solutions

Delivering Certified-Quality Specialty Gases with Unparalleled Service.

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Welcome to the startup showcase of PurityPlus Gases, a pioneering company that is transforming the specialty gas industry. In this showcase, we will delve into the innovative solutions offered by PurityPlus Gases, a provider of specialty gases and gas equipment. With their commitment to certified-quality gases, unbeatable service, and personalized customer solutions, PurityPlus Gases is revolutionizing the way industries access and utilize pure gases.

Unparalleled Expertise and Localized Service

PurityPlus Gases is not your average gas company. As a partnership of independent specialty gas companies, PurityPlus Gases combines the expertise of local partners with a national distribution network, ensuring customers receive the best of both worlds. With a strong presence in Indianapolis, Indiana, PurityPlus Gases serves a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical and life sciences, food and beverage services, environmental research and university labs, power and utility companies, and more.

Certified-Quality Gases for Enhanced Performance

One of the key differentiators of PurityPlus Gases is their commitment to providing certified-quality gases. By adhering to stringent operational standards and implementing third-party purity certification, PurityPlus Gases guarantees the highest level of gas quality for their customers. Whether it’s in a pharmaceutical research lab or a food and beverage production facility, PurityPlus Gases’ certified-quality gases enable precise and reliable results, enhancing the overall performance of industries they serve.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industry Needs

At PurityPlus Gases, they understand that each industry has unique requirements. That’s why they thrive on offering individualized solutions to cater to their customers’ diverse needs. By building strong relationships with their clients, PurityPlus Gases ensures a deep understanding of their challenges and goals. From custom gas blends to specialty gas equipment, their team of experts collaborates closely with customers to develop tailored solutions that optimize productivity, efficiency, and safety.


PurityPlus Gases is revolutionizing the specialty gas industry with their unwavering commitment to certified-quality gases, unparalleled service, and personalized solutions. By leveraging the collective expertise of their local partners and a nimble national distribution network, they bring the power of pure gases to industries worldwide. From pharmaceutical research to food and beverage production, PurityPlus Gases is the go-to partner for companies seeking excellence in specialty gas solutions.





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