Startup Showcase: Roll Scooters – Revolutionizing Last-Mile Transportation with Safety and Sustainability

Roll Offers Smart Mobility Solutions with Dock-less Electric Scooter and Bike Share Services

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Roll Scooters is a Canadian startup that offers smart mobility solutions by providing dock-less electric scooter and bike share services to cities and campuses. Founded in March 2019, Roll aims to revolutionize the last-mile transportation market by providing safe, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to cars.

Putting Safety First

Unlike many emerging electric scooter operators, Roll differentiates itself by putting safety first. Roll’s rider-centric design and exclusive technologies are developed in close partnership with the University of Toronto, which allows them to promote safer use of e-scooters. Roll’s team understands that safety is paramount in the micro-mobility sector and strives to make their riders feel confident and comfortable while using their services.

Quality and Operational Standards

Roll upholds high operational standards by hiring their own staff to collect, recharge, and maintain their fleet of electric scooters and bikes. The company is committed to delivering high-quality vehicles that are both reliable and comfortable to ride. Roll’s operational excellence helps ensure that their riders have the best possible experience while using their services.

Sustainable Micro-Mobility

As cities outgrow their reliance on cars, Roll aims to bridge the gaps in public transportation across Canadian cities and grow micro-mobility alternatives safely and sustainably. By providing eco-friendly vehicles, Roll’s electric scooters and bikes help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable transportation options. The company’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in their business practices, which include collaborating with local governments and community leaders to grow responsibly.


Roll Scooters is a Canadian startup that is changing the way people think about last-mile transportation. By providing safe, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to cars, Roll is revolutionizing the micro-mobility sector. With their high-quality electric scooters and bikes, Roll is helping commuters save time, tourists explore new cities, and students navigate large campuses with ease. Roll’s commitment to safety and sustainability makes them a leader in the micro-mobility sector, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this innovative startup.





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