Startup Showcase: S&DG Consulting – Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Storage

Harnessing the Power of Vehicular Natural Gas Stations for Renewable Energy Storage

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Welcome to, your go-to source for the latest innovations in the startup world. In this Startup Showcase, we present to you S&DG Consulting, a groundbreaking company based in Coimbra, Portugal. With a strong focus on renewable energy and innovative energy storage, S&DG Consulting is at the forefront of revolutionizing the energy sector. Join us as we delve into their game-changing solution that utilizes vehicular natural gas stations for renewable energy storage.

Revolutionizing Energy Storage

As the world transitions towards a greener future, the integration of renewable energy sources into our energy distribution systems is becoming increasingly crucial. However, the intermittent nature of renewable energy poses challenges when it comes to its reliable and efficient utilization. This is where S&DG Consulting steps in, providing innovative energy storage solutions that pave the way for a sustainable energy transition.

The Key to Energy Transition: Energy Storage

The ever-growing presence of renewable energy sources in our energy matrix necessitates the development of effective energy storage solutions. S&DG Consulting recognizes the importance of energy storage as the key to a successful energy transition. By developing advanced storage technologies, they ensure the seamless integration of intermittent renewable energy into our power grids.

A Visionary Solution: Leveraging Vehicular Natural Gas Stations

S&DG Consulting brings a unique and visionary approach to energy storage. They have devised an innovative solution that leverages the existing infrastructure of over 33,000 vehicular natural gas filling stations across 90 countries. These stations, previously used solely for refueling purposes, are now transformed into decentralized energy storage facilities.

Surplus Energy Storage and Decentralized Electricity Generation

With S&DG Consulting’s groundbreaking solution, surplus renewable energy production can now be efficiently stored at vehicular natural gas stations. This stored energy can then be utilized to generate electricity in a decentralized manner, ensuring a more resilient and sustainable energy distribution system. This innovative approach not only maximizes the utilization of renewable energy but also helps alleviate the strain on traditional power grids.


S&DG Consulting is spearheading the renewable energy revolution by providing innovative energy storage solutions. Their vision of utilizing vehicular natural gas stations for storing surplus renewable energy is a game-changer in the industry. With their pioneering approach, S&DG Consulting is paving the way for a sustainable and greener future.




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