Startup Showcase: Seabased – Riding the Wave of Renewable Energy

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Seabased is a Dublin-based wave energy company that is making waves in the renewable energy industry. The company specializes in designing, building, installing, and maintaining utility-scale wave energy power parks that use ocean waves as fuel. Their technology operates independently or alongside offshore wind turbines, offering a sustainable and clean energy source that is both reliable and cost-effective. In this Startup Showcase, we will dive into the world of Seabased, explore their journey, and uncover how they are riding the wave of renewable energy.

Introduction: From Concept to Reality

The idea of using ocean waves to generate electricity has been around for centuries. However, it was not until the last few decades that the technology and the infrastructure have advanced enough to make it a reality. Seabased is a company that has taken up the challenge of making wave energy a viable option for utility-scale electricity generation. The company was founded in 2001, in Sweden, by a group of engineers who saw the potential of wave energy as a renewable energy source. Since then, Seabased has grown to become a leader in wave energy technology, with a team of experts in the field of wave energy.

Designing and Building Turnkey Wave Energy Power Parks

One of the key strengths of Seabased is their ability to offer turnkey solutions for wave energy power parks. The company can help determine the best renewable mix, site locations, acquire permits, do studies, create a custom power park for a given area, design, build, install, and maintain it. This means that Seabased can take a project from conception to completion, ensuring that it is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Seabased has already installed two full-scale multi-generator power parks and is currently in the process of third-party certification of their commercial system.

Collaboration and Funding

Seabased has collaborated with several partners in the renewable energy industry, including Vattenfall, TC’s Energy, Fortum, and the Swedish Energy Agency. They have also received grants from the EU, the Swedish government, the Horizon 2020 SME instrument, and the Telemark region in Norway. In 2020, Seabased Ltd. of Ireland acquired all the assets and liabilities of Seabased Group, securing their position as a leader in the wave energy industry.

Participating in Interreg Grants

Seabased is currently participating in two Interreg grants – OESA (Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance) and DUAL Ports. The OESA project aims to accelerate the growth of the ocean energy sector in Europe by facilitating collaboration between industry players, promoting the development of new technologies, and supporting the growth of new wave energy projects. The DUAL Ports project aims to develop a sustainable, low-carbon, and smart port ecosystem in the North Sea Region.

Conclusion: Riding the Wave of Renewable Energy

Seabased is a company that is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, offering a sustainable and reliable energy source that has the potential to transform the way we generate electricity. Their turnkey solutions for wave energy power parks, their collaboration with industry partners, and their participation in Interreg grants make them a leader in the wave energy industry. As we continue to search for sustainable and clean energy sources, Seabased is riding the wave of renewable energy, bringing us one step closer to a more sustainable future.





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