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Share Story is a startup based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to empowering communities to adopt sustainable technologies through transparency and choice. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all people by providing a trusted platform for solar installation. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore’s mission, vision, and the innovative technologies they have developed to make the adoption of solar energy more accessible and affordable.

The Most Trusted Solar Marketplace is America’s most trusted solar marketplace. The company has built a platform that empowers homeowners to adopt solar energy by providing transparency and choice. provides homeowners with an online education about solar energy, followed by a simple registration process that creates a project for certified, vetted installers to place bids on.

The bidding process on is transparent and fair, and the company’s proprietary algorithm analyzes the bids to identify the best options for homeowners. The final three bids are presented in a user-friendly format, allowing homeowners to understand the advantages of each bid. The homeowner then has the opportunity to select a bid on the site and e-sign a contract directly with the installer.

Making Solar Energy More Accessible and Affordable is dedicated to making the adoption of solar energy more accessible and affordable for everyone. The company believes that solar energy is a key component of a sustainable and clean energy future, and that it should be accessible to all people.

One of the ways that makes solar energy more accessible is by providing online education about solar energy. The company’s website provides a wealth of information about the benefits of solar energy, how solar energy systems work, and how to select the right solar energy system for your home.

In addition to online education, is committed to making solar energy more affordable. The company provides homeowners with multiple bids from certified, vetted installers, which can help drive down the cost of installation. also offers financing options to help homeowners pay for the installation of their solar energy systems over time.

Empowering Communities to Adopt Sustainable Technologies is not just about providing a platform for solar energy installation; the company is also committed to empowering communities to adopt sustainable technologies. The company believes that sustainable technologies, such as solar energy, are key to creating a better, healthier, and more sustainable future for all. works with local communities to provide education and training about sustainable technologies, and to promote the adoption of these technologies. The company’s goal is to empower communities to take control of their energy future and create a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

Conclusion is a startup that is dedicated to empowering communities to adopt sustainable technologies through transparency and choice. The company’s trusted platform for solar installation makes it easier and more affordable for homeowners to adopt solar energy. By providing education, financing, and community empowerment, is leading the way to a cleaner and more sustainable future.




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