Startup Showcase: Solardex Energy – Empowering Indonesia with Renewable Solar Energy Solutions

Solardex Energy, a privately established entity in Semarang, Indonesia, is revolutionizing the way Indonesians access power by providing sustainable and affordable renewable solar energy solutions.

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Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world, has been facing electricity shortages, which affect both urban and rural areas. The country is heavily reliant on fossil fuels, which are not only expensive but also damaging to the environment. Solardex Energy, a renewable solar energy company based in Semarang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, is providing a sustainable solution to this issue.

With an emphasis on management, research and development, Solardex Energy manufactures and supplies solar PV solutions in off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid, solar street lamps, solar CCTV, solar light bulbs, and portable emergency solar systems. The company is also working on creating a compact all-in-one solar box to bring about the next level of solar PV systems and solve electricity shortage problems in Southeast Asia.

Solving Electricity Shortages with Innovative Solar Solutions

Solardex Energy’s focus on innovation has enabled the company to provide cost-effective solar solutions to households, businesses, and communities. The company offers a wide range of products that are customized to the specific needs of each customer. This ensures that the solutions provided are not only effective but also affordable.

Off-grid solar solutions are especially important in rural areas where access to electricity is limited. Solardex Energy provides solar-powered systems that are designed to meet the needs of off-grid communities. The systems are easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal solution for rural households and businesses.

Hybrid solar solutions are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. The systems combine solar and grid power to provide a reliable and sustainable source of energy. Solardex Energy’s hybrid solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional grid power.

Revolutionizing Solar Energy Solutions with Compact All-in-One Solar Box

Solardex Energy is currently working on developing a compact all-in-one solar box. The system will provide a complete solar PV solution that is easy to install and maintain. The system will be designed to meet the needs of households and businesses, providing a reliable source of power that is cost-effective and sustainable.

The compact all-in-one solar box will be an ideal solution for communities that are off-grid or experiencing electricity shortages. The system will be portable, making it easy to transport and install in remote areas. This will enable Solardex Energy to provide renewable solar energy solutions to communities that are currently underserved.


Solardex Energy is revolutionizing the way Indonesians access power by providing affordable and sustainable renewable solar energy solutions. The company’s focus on innovation has enabled it to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer. The development of the compact all-in-one solar box is a testament to Solardex Energy’s commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions to communities that are currently underserved.




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