Startup Showcase: Storage Drop – Revolutionizing Energy Storage and Cooling Systems

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Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups shaping the tech industry. In this Startup Showcase, we shine a spotlight on Storage Drop, an energy firm based in Rehovot, HaMerkaz, Israel. Storage Drop is transforming the way we generate electricity and provide cooling solutions by leveraging cutting-edge energy storage technologies. Join us as we delve into their groundbreaking HyDrop and CoolDrop systems, designed to revolutionize the energy landscape.

Harnessing Energy Storage: HyDrop

One of Storage Drop’s flagship products is the HyDrop-Energy Storage System. With a focus on sustainable energy generation, HyDrop enables the storage of electricity produced from renewable sources or during periods of low electricity tariffs. This innovative technology ensures that surplus energy is captured and stored efficiently, ensuring a constant and reliable power supply.

By harnessing the power of HyDrop, businesses and households can benefit from uninterrupted power even during peak demand periods. This allows for a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based sources.

Revolutionary Cooling Solutions: CoolDrop

In addition to energy storage, Storage Drop is pioneering cooling solutions with their CoolDrop-Energy Storage System. This cutting-edge technology utilizes stored energy to generate cooling, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional cooling systems.

CoolDrop allows businesses and industries to optimize their cooling needs by utilizing stored energy during times when electricity is readily available from renewable sources or during periods of low tariffs. By reducing reliance on conventional cooling methods, CoolDrop not only helps lower energy consumption but also reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Advancing Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Storage Drop’s energy storage and cooling systems are at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability. By capturing and storing excess energy and providing innovative cooling solutions, they enable businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve greater energy independence.

The company’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond their products. Storage Drop actively collaborates with renewable energy providers and supports the global transition toward clean and green energy sources. Their commitment to environmental responsibility resonates with their customers and stakeholders, positioning Storage Drop as a pioneer in the energy sector.


Storage Drop is revolutionizing the energy landscape with its state-of-the-art energy storage and cooling systems. The HyDrop-Energy Storage System and CoolDrop-Energy Storage System are paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future. By capturing and utilizing surplus energy, Storage Drop empowers businesses and individuals to embrace renewable energy sources, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve greater energy independence.





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