Startup Showcase: Terraseed – Revolutionizing Vegan Supplements with Sustainable Packaging

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As more people turn to a plant-based lifestyle, the demand for vegan supplements continues to increase. However, many supplements are not aligned with the vegan ideals of protecting the environment and animal lives. This is where Terraseed comes in. Terraseed is a Boulder, Colorado-based startup that offers vegan sustainably sourced supplements packaged in fully biodegradable pill bottles. In this startup showcase, we will dive deeper into Terraseed and explore how they are revolutionizing the vegan supplement industry.

A New Standard for Vegan Supplements

Terraseed Multivitamin resolves the nine most common gaps in a plant-based diet while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices that align with the vegan ideals. Terraseed replaces animal-based ingredients for vegan options. For example, its Omega-3 is sourced from algae harvested without impact on marine ecosystems, and D3 is sourced from wild lichen instead of sheep’s wool. The company is committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients while ensuring they are cruelty-free and sustainable.

Innovative Sustainable Packaging

One of the standout features of Terraseed is their commitment to sustainable packaging. The company forgoes the traditional plastic pill bottle in favor of a compostable alternative. The packaging is made from tamper-resistant cellulose made from corn, and the company has even gone as far as printing their first-ever mailers with algae ink. Every element of the bottle and packaging has been thoughtfully selected to align with Terraseed’s mission of sustainability.

Recognition for Sustainability

Terraseed’s dedication to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. The packaging was recently awarded the Best New Environmentally-Responsible Product of 2020 by the Natural Product Expo. This recognition shows that Terraseed is not only committed to producing high-quality vegan supplements but is also dedicated to doing so in a sustainable manner.

A Better Future for All

Terraseed is not only committed to providing a better option for vegan supplements, but they are also dedicated to creating a better future for all. By choosing to use sustainable packaging and sourcing only cruelty-free ingredients, Terraseed is setting a new standard for the supplement industry. As the demand for vegan supplements continues to grow, we can expect to see more companies follow in Terraseed’s footsteps.


Terraseed is a prime example of a startup that is dedicated to making a positive impact. From their commitment to sourcing only cruelty-free ingredients to their innovative sustainable packaging, Terraseed is setting a new standard for the vegan supplement industry. As consumers become more aware of the impact their choices have on the environment and animal lives, companies like Terraseed are paving the way for a better future for all.




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