Startup Showcase: Vaulta – Simply Superior Battery Casing Technology

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Battery technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and so is the need for more efficient and scalable solutions to power the world’s growing demand for energy. Brisbane-based startup, Vaulta, is at the forefront of the battery casing technology revolution, using advanced composite materials and smart, streamlined design to create lighter, smaller, and more versatile battery cases with fewer parts. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at how Vaulta is transforming the battery industry.

Revolutionizing Battery Casing Technology

Vaulta is not your average battery casing technology company. Their world-first no-weld design means modules can be easily assembled and disassembled, cells reused and recycled, and new cells added as battery technology continues to evolve. This groundbreaking design creates scalable efficiencies and opportunities for manufacturers and users alike, reducing costs and environmental impact while increasing performance and functionality.

Innovation Meets Experience

Vaulta founder and director, Dominic Spooner, has over 12 years of experience as a design engineer, working in a range of industries including renewables and batteries, defence and aerospace, consumer products, commercial products, and startups. While working in battery design, Dominic saw firsthand that opportunities for growth were being overlooked in favor of continuing with the status quo, which led him to found Vaulta.

Dominic’s extensive knowledge and experience in design engineering, coupled with Vaulta’s cutting-edge technology, has resulted in a battery casing solution that is not only superior but also highly adaptable to the ever-evolving battery technology landscape.

Applications Across Multiple Industries

From stationary storage and electric vehicles to defense, aerospace, and beyond, Vaulta’s battery case technology works wherever batteries do. The applications for Vaulta’s battery casing technology are endless, and the company is already making waves across multiple industries.

In the defense and aerospace sectors, Vaulta’s technology offers weight savings, higher energy density, and increased battery life, all of which are critical in these industries. In the electric vehicle industry, Vaulta’s technology provides greater range and faster charging times, giving manufacturers the competitive edge they need in this rapidly growing market.

Vaulta’s battery casing technology also has enormous potential in the stationary storage market, where energy storage solutions are essential for sustainable energy management. Vaulta’s battery cases can be customized to fit any application, from small residential battery systems to large-scale industrial power grids.


Vaulta is leading the way in battery casing technology, revolutionizing the way we think about energy storage. Their innovative no-weld design and superior composite materials create a scalable, adaptable, and efficient solution that is set to change the battery industry forever. With a founder and director who has extensive experience in design engineering, Vaulta is well-positioned to continue leading the charge in battery casing technology for years to come.



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