The Future of Clean Water: India’s 15 Most Exciting Purification Startups

Discover the game-changing water purification startups in India that are transforming access to clean and safe water for all.

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Access to clean and safe water is a fundamental necessity, and several innovative startups in India are revolutionizing the water purification industry with their cutting-edge technologies and solutions. These startups are dedicated to addressing the water crisis and ensuring the availability of potable water for everyone. In this article, we will explore 15 remarkable water purification startups in India that are making a significant impact. From advanced filtration systems to eco-friendly solutions, these companies are reshaping the landscape of water purification in the country.

WaterO: The Next Generation RO Water Purifier

WaterO is leading the way in the next generation of RO water purifiers. Their innovative technologies combine efficiency and effectiveness, providing superior water purification solutions for residential and commercial use. With a focus on sustainability, WaterO aims to minimize water wastage while delivering exceptional purification performance.

Sarjan Watertech India Pvt. Ltd: Comprehensive Water Purification Solutions

Sarjan Watertech India Pvt. Ltd is a reputed end-to-end water purification and filtration solutions provider. With a wide range of offerings, they cater to various industries and applications. Their expertise lies in delivering customized and efficient solutions that meet the unique requirements of their clients.

Aquashakti Water Solution: Leading Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturer

Aquashakti Water Solution is a prominent manufacturer of reverse osmosis (RO) plants in India. With a commitment to quality, they provide reliable and high-performance systems for water purification. Their RO plants are widely used across industries and residential complexes, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water.

FIC Healthcare Solutions LLP: Innovating Alkaline Water Ionizers

FIC Healthcare Solutions LLP specializes in manufacturing alkaline water ionizers. These devices utilize advanced ionization technology to produce alkaline water, known for its potential health benefits. FIC Healthcare Solutions LLP is committed to delivering superior quality products that promote overall well-being.

Toyam Safe Water Technologies: Pioneer in Water Purification Plants

Toyam Safe Water Technologies is a leading manufacturer of water purification plants, reverse osmosis systems, and water ATM plants. Their state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in water treatment solutions make them a trusted choice for both commercial and residential applications.

GreenPebble Technologies: Innovative Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

GreenPebble Technologies specializes in providing innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Their cutting-edge technologies and sustainable approaches help industries and communities manage water resources efficiently while minimizing environmental impact.

Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemicals: Reliable Water Treatment Solutions

Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemicals is a renowned manufacturer of mineral water projects, water treatment plants, and water purifiers. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, they offer reliable solutions for a wide range of water purification needs.

Aqua Soft: Comprehensive Water Purifier Manufacturer and Supplier

Aqua Soft is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of water purifier products. Their extensive range of offerings caters to both commercial and residential customers, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water.

Ecodew: Environmentally Friendly Water Purification Solutions

Ecodew is committed to providing clean, pure water without harming the environment. Their innovative water purification solutions focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, addressing the critical need for access to safe water while minimizing the ecological footprint.

Rochem Separation Systems: Customized Water Purification Systems

Rochem Separation Systems specializes in offering customized water purification systems based on specific customer requirements. With their expertise and extensive product portfolio, they provide tailored solutions for various industries, ensuring optimal purification efficiency.

DrinkPrime: IoT-enabled Water Purifiers for Smart Living

DrinkPrime is a leading manufacturer of IoT-enabled water purifiers. Their technologically advanced products leverage connectivity to provide users with real-time data and control, ensuring access to safe drinking water at all times.

Enzen Global Solutions: Transforming Energy and Utility Sector

Enzen Global Solutions is a privately held company focused on refining, gaining, and sharing expertise in the energy and utility sector. Their comprehensive approach includes addressing water purification challenges and delivering sustainable solutions for a better future.

Boson White Water: Sustainable Water Management

Boson White Water is a leading sustainable water management company that aims to increase water availability. Their innovative solutions focus on efficient water purification and transportation, contributing to the conservation and responsible use of this vital resource.

WaterScience: Purifying Water for Non-Drinking Use Cases

WaterScience specializes in manufacturing filters that purify water for non-drinking use cases. Their products cater to various sectors, including manufacturing and retail, ensuring safe and clean water for a wide range of applications.

AO Smith India: Global Leader in Water Purification Solutions

AO Smith India, a part of the global leader A. O. Smith Corporation, applies innovative technology to provide energy-efficient solutions for water purification. With a diverse range of products, AO Smith India is committed to meeting the evolving needs of consumers in India and around the world.


The water purification startups in India are driving significant advancements in the industry, addressing the critical need for clean and safe water. Through their technological innovations, sustainability initiatives, and commitment to customer satisfaction, these companies are playing a pivotal role in transforming the water purification landscape. As they continue to grow and expand their reach, the impact of these startups will be felt across industries and communities, ensuring a better and healthier future for all.

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