The Future of Water Purification: 15 French Startups Changing the Game

Discover the French water purification startups transforming the industry with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions.

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Water purification is a critical aspect of environmental sustainability and public health. In France, a hub of technological advancements and innovation, several startups are making significant strides in the field of water purification. From designing cutting-edge water treatment systems to developing eco-friendly solutions, these companies are revolutionizing the way we access clean and safe water. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of 15 water purification startups in France, showcasing their innovative approaches and the impact they are making in the industry.


Aquafontaine is a leading manufacturer of water fountains and offers water fountain rental services. Their commitment to providing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing water dispensers has made them a preferred choice for both commercial and consumer electronic sectors.

Bio Blank International

Bio Blank International specializes in manufacturing biological and ecological products for wastewater treatment. Their innovative solutions contribute to sustainable water management and environmental preservation.

Aggra Concept

Aggra Concept focuses on designing environmental products and water treatment systems. Their expertise lies in developing sustainable solutions that enhance water purification processes while minimizing environmental impact.


Amoeba is a pioneer in developing and commercializing green biocide water treatment chemicals. Their sustainable approach to water purification aligns with the principles of biotechnology and cleantech.

CP Composites

CP Composites is a manufacturing company that produces filter floors, specific tanks, and basin covers for water treatment. Their high-quality products play a vital role in efficient water purification processes.


Elmatec is an equipment supplier specializing in water purification tools such as cartridge filters, reverse osmosis systems, and electrodeionization products. Their cutting-edge solutions cater to the hardware and manufacturing sectors.

EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture

EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture is a prominent water treatment system designer. Their expertise lies in creating advanced purification systems that ensure clean water supply in various industries.

Enviro Developpement

Enviro Developpement specializes in designing products for water consumption control. Their innovative solutions contribute to efficient water management and conservation.

Filtres MONNET

Filtres MONNET provides management of cutting fluid and water treatment. Their comprehensive services ensure optimal purification processes in both the healthcare and industrial sectors.

French Eaux

French Eaux is an innovative and efficient specialist in water purification and treatment. Their expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of water purification across various industries.


HEM offers comprehensive services in water purification, including installation, commissioning, diagnostics, repair, and testing. Their commitment to onboard water treatment solutions is crucial for the water transportation industry.

SLCE watermakers

SLCE watermakers is a machinery company that manufactures and supplies reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment for freshwater production. Their products play a vital role in industrial and manufacturing applications.

TRESCH Water Treatment

TRESCH Water Treatment offers services, products, and equipment for the treatment of industrial water. Their solutions cater to the machinery manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors.

uvoji by T.zic

uvoji specializes in designing and manufacturing surface and water disinfection systems using LED UV-C technology. Their solutions contribute to public safety and sustainable water purification practices.


CHEMDOC Water manufactures innovative drinking and industrial water treatment filtration, demineralization, and purification equipment. Their advanced solutions are pivotal in ensuring access to clean and safe water.


These 15 water purification startups in France exemplify the country’s commitment to innovation and sustainable practices. By leveraging advanced technologies and adopting eco-friendly approaches, these companies are transforming the water purification industry. From developing cutting-edge water treatment systems to creating biological and ecological products for wastewater treatment, these startups are revolutionizing the way we address water purification challenges.

As these innovative companies continue to make strides in their respective fields, the future of water purification looks promising. Their commitment to sustainable practices, environmental preservation, and efficient water management showcases France’s role as a leader in the global water purification industry. With their dedication to providing clean and safe water, these startups are contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world for generations to come.

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