The Vanguard of H2O: 15 Florida Startups Revolutionizing Water Purification

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Water purification has become an essential endeavor in safeguarding the environment and public health. In the vibrant state of Florida, a hotbed for industrial and technological advancements, a wave of innovative startups is emerging, disrupting the water purification landscape. These companies are driven by a common goal: to provide efficient and sustainable solutions for treating and conserving water resources. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable water purification startups in Florida, each making significant strides in their respective niches. From cutting-edge technologies to eco-conscious practices, these companies are reshaping the way we think about water treatment and its impact on our society.

Hydrosphere Research

Hydrosphere Research provides a holistic approach to water purification through its environmental toxicity determination and wastewater treatment solutions. Their expert consultancy services and comprehensive bioassay tests offer unparalleled precision and reliability.

Guardian Water Services

The comprehensive services of Guardian Water Services extend from health care facilities to residential homes. Offering water treatment systems designed to meet a broad range of needs, Guardian is a one-stop solution for all water treatment necessities.

Carbonworks USA

Carbonworks USA skillfully merges construction and water treatment services. They specialize in construction dewatering and pipeline treatment, showcasing their versatility and commitment to maintaining clean, safe water within construction operations.

Eagle Pools Services

From routine pool cleaning to complex technical support, Eagle Pools Services prioritizes the cleanliness and safety of recreational water bodies. They uphold a high standard of maintenance, ensuring their clients can enjoy their pools worry-free.

Solaxx LLC

Solaxx brings innovative water purification systems to residential swimming pools. Their affordable and user-friendly systems make pool maintenance a breeze, allowing homeowners to focus on enjoying their backyard oasis.


PURE H20 BIO TECHNOLOGIES is at the forefront of water disinfection research and development. Their focus on innovative solutions for both residential and commercial applications is revolutionizing how we approach water safety.

Ocean Blue Pool Supply and Service

Ocean Blue Pool Supply and Service brings a comprehensive suite of pool services, including cleaning, repair, and maintenance, ensuring their clients enjoy crystal clear water year-round.


Vu-Flow presents a versatile range of water sediment filtration systems. Their products are applicable in various settings, from home usage to industrial irrigation, making clean water more accessible than ever.

Action Manufacturing

Action Manufacturing specializes in providing water treatment systems for both residential and commercial applications. They seamlessly blend high-quality manufacturing with advanced water purification technologies.

Crystal Clear Water

From manufacturing to supplying, Crystal Clear Water ensures a smooth journey for every drop. They specialize in a diverse range of water treatment systems for residential and commercial applications.

Clean Earth Water Purification

Clean Earth Water Purification is focused on a mission to provide cleaner, softer water. Serving Cape Coral, FL, they exemplify the community-driven spirit of the water purification industry. intertwines the energy and water purification sectors, leading to more efficient and sustainable solutions. Located in Cape Coral, they highlight the ever-evolving face of water treatment technology.


Hydro-Dyne blends industrial engineering and manufacturing to provide top-tier screening and dust removal equipment for water and wastewater facilities. Their specialized equipment is a testament to the power of ingenuity in the water purification sector.

Gator Dredging

Gator Dredging tackles the challenges of water purification from an environmental perspective. They provide restoration and residential dredging services, showcasing the wide-reaching impacts of comprehensive water care.

Tampa Bay Water

Tampa Bay Water provides water to over 2.5 million people across Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. Their work is a prime example of how the power of water purification can have massive societal impacts.


The future of water purification is brighter than ever, thanks to the innovative solutions offered by these dynamic Florida-based startups. As they continue to evolve and adapt to our changing world, they remind us that clean water is more than a commodity – it’s a right.

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