Unlocking the Future of Water Purification: 15 Impactful Startups in Canada

Discover the game-changing water purification startups leading the way in Canada's industrial landscape.

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Water purification is a crucial aspect of sustainable development, environmental conservation, and public health. In Canada, a growing number of startups are harnessing innovative technologies to address water purification challenges across various industries. From cutting-edge filtration systems to advanced treatment solutions, these companies are making significant strides in ensuring clean and safe water for all. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of water purification startups in Canada, highlighting their unique offerings and contributions to the industrial sector.

Aquamart: Enhancing Water Quality for Homes and Businesses

Aquamart specializes in sales and installation services for kinetico, softeners, and drinking water systems. By providing reliable and efficient water treatment solutions, Aquamart ensures that both residential and commercial customers have access to clean and purified water.

Culligan Central Ontario: Delivering Quality Water Solutions

Culligan Central Ontario focuses on water softening, filtration, and bottled water delivery for homes and businesses. With a commitment to excellence, they offer tailored water treatment options to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Simoneau: Advancing Industrial Water Treatment

Simoneau is a manufacturing company that produces and markets boiler equipment, inventory parts, water treatment, and repair services. Their comprehensive solutions cater to the industrial sector’s specific water purification requirements.

Island Waterworks: Specialized Water Solutions

Island Waterworks specializes in providing water solutions such as house tests for pH, iron, manganese, organic compounds, and more. Their expertise in chemical and water purification industries ensures accurate and effective water treatment solutions.

Zimmark: Managing Non-Core Processes

Zimmark manages non-core processes that introduce uncontrolled volatility into your core operations. Their expertise in automotive, chemical engineering, and industrial automation helps optimize water purification processes for various manufacturing industries.

ControlChem: Comprehensive Chemical Solutions

ControlChem specializes in providing inorganics, miscellaneous, wastewater, boiler, cooling, and municipal water solutions. Their chemical expertise ensures efficient water treatment across different sectors, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Whistler Water: Sustainable Water Purification

Whistler Water is a leading water purifier company that distributes and outsources drinking water in recycled water bottles. Their focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices sets them apart in the food and beverage industry.

EnviCore: R&D for Natural Resource Development

EnviCore is an R&D company specializing in developing technologies that improve natural resource development. With a focus on CleanTech, mining, and oil and gas industries, they contribute to sustainable water purification practices.

Swirltex: Custom Water Treatment Systems

Swirltex designs and builds custom water treatment systems for a wide range of applications. Their expertise in energy efficiency and waste management ensures efficient and environmentally friendly water purification solutions.

PurLucid Treatment Solutions: Revolutionizing Water Treatment

PurLucid Treatment Solutions is a services company with proprietary technologies that revolutionize water treatment. Their innovative approaches benefit industries such as property management and the service industry.

Fossil Water Corporation

Advanced Water Treatment Processes Fossil Water Corporation specializes in advanced water treatment processes. Their expertise caters to industrial water purification needs, ensuring high-quality water for various applications.

Enbiorganic Technologies: Natural and Sustainable Wastewater Solutions

Enbiorganic Technologies offers an end-to-end natural and sustainable solution for wastewater treatment. Their focus on water purification and sustainability contributes to a greener future.

Ionic Solutions: Enhancing Water Desalination and Deionization

Ionic Solutions improves the efficiency of desalination, deionization, and selective ion removal from water. Their expertise in CleanTech and waste management industries contributes to effective water purification practices.

Wet Tech Environmental: Economical Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Wet Tech Environmental provides economical solutions for wastewater treatment, water treatment, and water re-use. Their CleanTech solutions play a vital role in sustainable water management.

GenOil: Hydrocarbon and Oil/Water Separation Technologies

GenOil specializes in the development and commercialization of hydrocarbon and oil and water separation technologies. Their contributions to the natural resources and oil and gas industries enhance water purification practices.


The water purification startups in Canada are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to ensure clean and safe water across various industries. From residential to industrial applications, these companies are revolutionizing the way water is treated and managed. Their commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and technological advancements sets them apart as key players in the evolving landscape of water purification. As they continue to make significant strides, the future looks promising for clean water accessibility and environmental conservation.

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