Unveiling the Top 15 Water Purification Startups in Australia: Prepare to be Amazed!

Discover the trailblazing companies transforming the water purification landscape in Australia with cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches.

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Access to clean and safe water is a fundamental necessity for human survival, and ensuring its purity has become a top priority worldwide. In Australia, a country known for its vast landscapes and diverse ecosystems, several startups have emerged with groundbreaking technologies and visionary approaches to water purification. These companies are revolutionizing the industry, offering sustainable solutions, and addressing pressing environmental challenges. In this article, we will explore 15 remarkable water purification startups that are making a significant impact on Australia’s water sector.


Puratap is a leading water filtration company that specializes in designing and producing high-quality water filtering products. Their innovative solutions are sold through an intuitive online portal, making it convenient for consumers to access clean drinking water. With a focus on consumer goods, direct sales, e-commerce, manufacturing, and water purification, Puratap is setting new standards in the industry.


AWQC, also known as the Australian Water Quality Centre, excels in providing utility solutions and comprehensive product testing and analysis services to the water industry. Their expertise extends to consulting, consumer products research, and water purification. By offering valuable insights and consultation, AWQC contributes significantly to maintaining the quality and safety of water resources in Australia.

AVK Australia

AVK Australia is a prominent manufacturer of water industry equipment, catering to both commercial and industrial sectors. With their commitment to quality and reliability, AVK Australia ensures efficient water purification processes. Their products play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of water infrastructure across the country.

Water Utilities Australia

Water Utilities Australia specializes in sustainable water and recycled stormwater solutions for residential, industrial, and agricultural sectors. By providing innovative solutions for environmental engineering and water purification, they contribute to the conservation and responsible use of water resources in Australia.


SciDev is a leading provider of waste and water treatment solutions. Through their expertise in industrial recycling and waste management, SciDev addresses the crucial challenge of water purification. Their innovative technologies are transforming wastewater treatment processes and driving sustainable practices in various industries.


eWater is a not-for-profit enterprise that focuses on building capabilities within the water industry. With their expertise in environmental consulting, engineering, and non-profit initiatives, eWater plays a pivotal role in driving sustainable water management practices in Australia.

Central Highlands Water

Central Highlands Water specializes in trade waste, sewage, drinking water, and storage solutions for residential and commercial properties. As an industry leader in waste management and water purification, they ensure the efficient and sustainable use of water resources across different sectors.


Singflux offers food waste composting and wastewater treatment services for industries such as mining, power, coal seam gas, food, and beverages. By integrating recycling, waste management, and water purification, Singflux contributes to a circular economy and the preservation of water resources.


SunWater is a provider of water solutions and services dedicated to delivering essential resources to regional communities. With their focus on service industries, water infrastructure, and water purification, SunWater plays a vital role in ensuring access to clean water in Australia’s remote areas.

Engeny Water Management

Engeny Water Management is a specialist engineering consultancy firm that offers comprehensive water management and infrastructure design services. Through their expertise in civil engineering and water transportation, Engeny assists in creating sustainable and efficient water systems across the country.

AIS Water

AIS Water is committed to enhancing life and environments by providing unique solutions for safer water disinfection. With their innovative consumer goods and water purification products, AIS Water ensures the delivery of clean and safe water for various applications.


Ecobud specializes in the supply of innovative and environmentally friendly products for residential and commercial water purification. Their dedication to sustainable practices contributes to preserving water resources and promoting responsible water consumption.


VolWater focuses on monitoring water quality in Brisbane, Australia, and offers valuable insights into maintaining clean and safe water supplies. By prioritizing water purification, VolWater helps create healthier environments for communities.

Amiad Australia

Amiad Australia offers a wide array of services in water treatment, landscape irrigation, and filtration solutions. With their presence in the industrial and retail sectors, Amiad Australia contributes to ensuring water purity and sustainability across various industries.

Pure Water Systems

Pure Water Systems operates as an online store, providing a diverse range of water filter purifiers, reverse filters, replacement cartridges, and accessories. Their commitment to e-commerce and retail enables easy access to high-quality water purification products for consumers.


These 15 water purification startups in Australia are making remarkable strides in revolutionizing the industry. From innovative filtration systems to sustainable water management solutions, they are addressing critical challenges and paving the way for a more sustainable and water-secure future. With their visionary approaches and commitment to excellence, these companies are setting new standards for water purification and driving positive change in Australia’s water sector. As they continue to evolve and innovate, we can look forward to cleaner, safer, and more sustainable water resources for generations to come.

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