Water for All: These 15 Startups are Revolutionizing Water Transportation in India

From sustainable water management to innovative water treatment, these startups are making waves in India's water transportation industry.

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India is home to a rapidly growing water transportation industry, with a range of startups providing innovative solutions to meet the water needs of its citizens. These startups are driving significant changes in the industry, from increasing water availability to providing sustainable and efficient water management solutions. In this article, we will explore 15 water transportation startups that are revolutionizing India’s water industry.


Bisleri is a leading mineral water brand that supplies safe packaged drinking water and provides other drinks such as vedica, fonzo, and spyci. With its commitment to quality and safety, Bisleri has become a household name in India.

Boson White Water

Boson White Water is a sustainable water management company that helps increase water availability. Its innovative solutions include rainwater harvesting, water conservation, and wastewater management.

NeerWalla India Private Limited

NeerWalla is a mobile app that connects buyers and sellers in the water tanker industry. It provides a complete solution to all water requirements, including supplying clean and hygienic drinking water, water wheel service, and listing services for water-related requirements.

CDD Society

CDD Society provides water treatment and environmental services. Its solutions range from water quality monitoring and assessment to environmental impact assessments and waste management.

Nova Intonew

Nova Intonew is a water manufacturing and recycling facility that specializes in the manufacture and sale of water canisters. Its solutions include water purification, water transportation, and waste management.

Aker Outdoor Products

Aker Outdoor Products is a distributor of waterfront equipment and watercraft trailers. Its products include boat trailers, boat lifts, and dock accessories.

Summit Environmental Services

Summit Environmental Services is specialized in civil constructions, including water transportation infrastructure, such as pipelines and reservoirs.

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric Australia is a provider of water and fueling systems. Its solutions range from water pumps and controls to fueling systems and other water management products.

Seashell Logistics

Seashell Logistics is a logistics company that provides full-service shipping and international trade solutions, including water transportation.


MyBoatRide.com is a marketplace for people to list, discover, and book water travel experiences around the world on a single platform.

Total Transport Systems

Total Transport Systems is an India-based provider of logistics services, including water transportation.

ADN Fire Safety

ADN Fire Safety is a Fire Protection and Safety company that also provides water transportation solutions.

AAA Freight & Logistics

AAA Freight & Logistics provides air and sea freight transportation, customs brokerage, and consulting services, including water transportation.

Gateway Maritime

Gateway Maritime provides logistics services, including marine transportation and water transportation.

Warranium Energy

Warranium Energy is a leading plant engineering company for industrial water & wastewater treatment and renewable energy based in India. Its solutions include water purification, waste management, and renewable energy.


These 15 water transportation startups in India are leading the way in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the water needs of the country. With their commitment to quality and safety, these startups are poised to transform the water transportation industry in India and beyond.

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