Waves of Change: 15 Swedish Startups Redefining Water Purification Methods

Revolutionary Solutions and Breakthrough Technologies Making Waves in the Clean Water Industry.

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Sweden, known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, has become a hub for groundbreaking water purification startups. These visionary companies are revolutionizing the way we tackle water pollution, providing chemical-free solutions, and implementing cutting-edge technologies. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable Swedish startups that are driving change in the water purification sector. From advanced filtration systems to energy-efficient treatment methods, these companies are at the forefront of creating a cleaner and safer future.

Helsinge Vatten

Helsinge Vatten is a municipal company dedicated to ensuring clean and safe water for the community. With their expertise in water purification, they employ innovative techniques to enhance water quality and promote sustainable practices.


Zeotech specializes in air purification technology and extends its expertise to water purification. Their advanced solutions incorporate air purification principles to create effective water treatment methods.

Svensk Energi Consult

Svensk Energi Consult provides chemical-free solutions for clean water. They offer sustainable and environmentally friendly water purification technologies for consumer use.

Vattenhuset i Borlänge

Vattenhuset i Borlänge aims to carry out comprehensive solutions for water and energy services in the water cycle. Their focus on CleanTech and energy ensures efficient and sustainable water purification processes.

Dala Kommunalteknik

Dala Kommunalteknik produces pump equipment that plays a vital role in clean energy and water purification. Their products contribute to efficient water circulation and treatment.

BRAVA Vattenrening

BRAVA Vattenrening is a manufacturer of water purification machines. Their products cater to various industries such as catering, commercial, and sales, ensuring access to clean and safe water.

Alvenius industrier

Alvenius industrier is a Mining & Tunnel company that emphasizes the importance of water purification in industrial settings. Their expertise in mining and industrial operations aids in effective water treatment.

Pure Water Scandinavia

Pure Water Scandinavia designs, constructs, commissions, and services water purification systems. They provide comprehensive solutions in the construction industry, ensuring clean water for various applications.

B Ledin Grundvattenteknik Aktiebolag

B Ledin Grundvattenteknik Aktiebolag specializes in groundwater and waste technology. They offer advanced testing and measurement techniques for efficient water purification.

Göinge Vattenteknik

Göinge Vattenteknik offers water filters for all types of pollution, with a particular focus on filtration systems located in Glimåkra. Their products cater to both manufacturing and residential sectors.


SolarWave develops and sells products for the chemical treatment of drinking water. Their expertise in energy and renewable energy enables efficient water purification and promotes wellness.


Atium is developing a new generation of water treatment technologies specifically for heavy metal removal. Their focus on CleanTech and environmental engineering ensures effective and sustainable water purification.

SSPA Sweden

SSPA Sweden is an independent consulting company providing services in ship design and maritime operations. Their expertise extends to water purification technologies for marine applications.


Nanvio is a marine energy technology developer with a patented nanotechnology platform for air and water purification. Their innovative solutions contribute to effective water treatment and purification.


WaterWeave offers a sustainable and long-term solution for the purification of stormwater from heavy metal ions. Their focus on water purification aids in environmental preservation and conservation.


Sweden’s water purification startups are making significant strides in addressing water pollution challenges and ensuring clean and safe water for various industries and communities. Through innovative technologies, sustainable practices, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, these companies are shaping a brighter future for water purification. With their groundbreaking solutions, Sweden continues to lead the way in creating a cleaner and healthier world for all.

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