15 Wood Processing Startups You Need to Know in California

A look into innovative wood processing startups shaping the California industrial landscape.

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Wood processing is a crucial industry in California, and it is home to numerous startups leading the way in innovation and sustainability. Here are 15 of the most interesting wood processing startups in California.

Napa Wooden Box:

Napa Wooden Box manufactures wooden packaging boxes. Their boxes are made from sustainable wood and are customizable to meet clients’ specific needs.

Walker Windows:

Walker Windows specializes in supplying, installing, and servicing windows and patio doors for residential homes. They use wood in their windows to provide both durability and a classic aesthetic.

The Vintage Wood Floor Company:

The Vintage Wood Floor Company is a manufacturer of wood floor products. They source their wood sustainably and specialize in creating unique and custom wood floor designs.

Cabinet DIY:

Cabinet DIY is a cabinet manufacturer that designs and manufactures a wide variety of cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. They use sustainably sourced wood and offer easy-to-assemble DIY cabinet kits.

Voorwood Precision Machinery:

Voorwood Precision Machinery manufactures woodworking machinery products. Their machinery is used for precision wood shaping and finishing.

Siskiyou Forest Products:

Siskiyou Forest Products provides finish lumber, trim and siding, SIS-Q logs. They source their wood from responsibly managed forests and prioritize sustainability in all their operations.

Robbins Custom Woodworking:

Robbins Custom Woodworking specializes in providing a wide range of custom wooden works and cabinet building. They use sustainably sourced wood and prioritize eco-friendly practices.

Mad River Woodworks:

Mad River Woodworks is an architectural millwork provider. They specialize in creating custom wood products for high-end residential and commercial buildings.


TimeWorn manufactures wooden tables, table tops, and bases for commercial use in restaurants, bistros, and coffee houses. They use sustainably sourced wood and prioritize environmentally friendly practices.

Arizona Ironwood:

Arizona Ironwood is a supplier of desert ironwood and fine wood blanks. They source their wood from naturally fallen trees and prioritize eco-friendliness in their operations.

Kase Custom:

Kase Custom is a reclaimed wood table manufacturer and supplier. They source their wood from salvaged sources and prioritize sustainability in their operations.

Cardinal Church Furniture:

Cardinal Church Furniture designs and manufactures fine crafted church furniture. They use sustainably sourced wood and prioritize eco-friendly practices in all their operations.

R & R Hardwood:

R & R Hardwood is a supplier of custom hardwood stairs, fireplace mantels, and moldings. They use sustainably sourced wood and prioritize eco-friendly practices in all their operations.

American Cabinet Refacing:

American Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. They specialize in refacing existing cabinets to create a more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to traditional cabinet replacement.

Kern Carpets:

Kern Carpets is a consumer goods company located in Bakersfield. They specialize in creating sustainable wood products for interior design and home improvement.


California is home to numerous wood processing startups that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness in all their operations. From custom woodworks to wood floor products, these startups are leading the way in innovation and environmental responsibility. By supporting these startups, we can help shape a brighter and more sustainable future for the wood processing industry in California.

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