Startup Showcase: ActiveBAS – Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Technology

Unleashing the Power of EaaS to Build a Sustainable Future

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Welcome to the Startup Showcase section of, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups making waves in the tech industry. In this edition, we present ActiveBAS, an EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) company that is redefining energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. With their groundbreaking solutions and commitment to a greener future, ActiveBAS is transforming the way we think about energy consumption. Join us as we explore how ActiveBAS is revolutionizing the industry.

Pioneering Energy Efficiency

ActiveBAS is an international EaaS company based in Durham, North Carolina, United States. With a clear focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, ActiveBAS offers a wide range of products and solutions that help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and optimize energy consumption. By providing low-carbon building solutions, they are driving the shift towards a more sustainable future.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Maximum Comfort and Savings

At the core of ActiveBAS’s innovation lies their HVAC Digital Twin, a cutting-edge technology that combines Machine Learning (ML) with Modelica. This powerful combination allows their system to automatically regulate commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, ensuring maximum comfort for occupants while optimizing energy savings. With this technology, ActiveBAS is leading the charge towards intelligent and energy-efficient buildings.

Comprehensive Approach to Energy Efficiency

ActiveBAS takes a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency, addressing all aspects of building operations. From lighting solutions and smart metering to occupancy sensors and building automation, they provide end-to-end solutions that enable businesses to reduce energy waste and achieve net-zero buildings. Their solutions not only save costs but also improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), creating healthier and more productive environments.

Collaborative Partnerships for Mutual Growth

ActiveBAS understands the power of collaboration and partnerships in driving innovation and growth. To extend their reach and impact, they actively collaborate with IoT (Internet of Things) companies. By partnering with IoT companies, ActiveBAS creates a win-win situation, where both parties can leverage each other’s expertise to expand their businesses and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices.


ActiveBAS is revolutionizing the way we approach energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. Through their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, they are paving the way for a greener and more efficient future. With a clear vision and a commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions, ActiveBAS is leading the charge towards net-zero buildings and optimal Indoor Air Quality. Together, let’s join hands with ActiveBAS and build a sustainable world.



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