Startup Showcase: Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles – Enabling Affordable Electric Auto Rickshaws

Electrifying the streets of India with sustainable and low-cost auto rickshaws

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the harmful impact of fossil fuels on the environment, the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise. However, the transition to electric vehicles can be challenging, especially for developing countries where the cost of electric vehicles remains high. Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles, an electric vehicle technology development company based in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, aims to tackle this challenge by enabling the retrofitting of existing auto rickshaws into electric vehicles at minimal cost. This Startup Showcase will explore how Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles is electrifying the streets of India with their sustainable and low-cost auto rickshaws.

Retrofitting Auto Rickshaws: The Need for Sustainable Transportation

Auto rickshaws, also known as tuk-tuks, are a popular mode of transportation in many countries, especially in South and Southeast Asia. However, traditional auto rickshaws run on fossil fuels, contributing to air pollution and climate change. Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles recognized the need for sustainable transportation in India and developed a solution to retrofit traditional auto rickshaws into electric vehicles.

The Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles Solution: Sustainable and Low-Cost Electric Auto Rickshaws

Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles aims to develop minimal-cost ownership auto-rickshaw components. The company achieves this by modifying the existing auto rickshaw kits with electric drive systems while keeping the hardware components primarily the same. The company develops adaptable technology to decrease the carbon content, reducing the impact on the environment. By retrofitting existing auto rickshaws, the company enables the transition to electric vehicles at a much lower cost than purchasing a brand new electric vehicle.

Advantages of Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles’ Solution

Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles’ solution provides several advantages to auto-rickshaw owners and the environment. By retrofitting existing auto rickshaws, the company enables the transition to electric vehicles at a much lower cost, making it accessible for the common people of India. This transition will lead to reduced carbon emissions and air pollution, improving the overall air quality in the cities. Additionally, the retrofitting of auto-rickshaws will also provide employment opportunities for the local mechanics who will be trained to install the electric drive systems, further boosting the local economy.


Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles is making significant strides towards providing sustainable and affordable transportation solutions in India. The company’s retrofitting technology for auto rickshaws not only helps to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution but also empowers local mechanics and boosts the local economy. Through their efforts, Electromotion E-Vidyut Vehicles is bringing us one step closer to a greener and more sustainable future.





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