Startup Showcase: Evyon – Repurposing Discarded EV Batteries for a Sustainable Future

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As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, the demand for battery storage systems is increasing rapidly. However, the production of new batteries comes with a high environmental cost. Evyon, a startup based in Oslo, Norway, aims to address this issue by repurposing discarded EV batteries into high-quality, sustainable, and scalable battery systems.

Evyon’s Proprietary Hardware and Battery Cloud Ecosystem

Evyon’s innovative solution lies in its proprietary hardware and Battery Cloud ecosystem. The company’s technology allows them to extract and analyze data from used EV batteries, providing valuable insights into their remaining lifespan and performance characteristics. This data-driven approach enables Evyon to identify the best batteries for repurposing, ensuring that their battery systems are of the highest quality.

Once the batteries are selected, Evyon’s hardware and software work together to convert them into plug-and-play battery energy storage systems. The systems are scalable, meaning that they can be customized to meet the needs of different customers, from households to large businesses. Evyon’s systems are also affordable, costing less than half the price of new battery systems.

A Sustainable and Scalable Solution

Evyon’s approach to repurposing discarded EV batteries is not only sustainable but also scalable. The company’s standardized and data-driven value chain allows them to create high-quality battery systems at a lower cost than new ones. This approach also enables Evyon to make use of the increasing amount of discarded EV batteries, reducing the environmental impact of battery production.

Evyon’s mission to convert battery waste into high-quality battery systems is crucial for the transition to a fully renewable future. By providing affordable and scalable solutions, Evyon is enabling more people to benefit from renewable energy sources, making it accessible for everyone.

Joining the Movement towards a Sustainable Future

Founded in 2020, Evyon is a relatively new player in the battery storage market. However, the company has already gained recognition for its innovative approach. Evyon was recently awarded a €5 million grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, which will enable the company to accelerate its growth and bring its solutions to a wider audience.


Evyon is not only transforming the battery storage market but also contributing to a sustainable future for all. By repurposing discarded EV batteries, Evyon is reducing the environmental impact of battery production, enabling more people to access renewable energy, and creating a circular economy for batteries.




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